The major concern of many big and small corporate now is the cost involved in training and development and they are constantly on the look out for methods to cut down this overhead. This now paved way to the popularity of eLearning software, which is basically the concept of using software applications with an extensive library of training materials preloaded or customizable to effectively administer training sessions.

Both basic as well as specialized technical process training can be offered through this mode now, and many of the companies have already started using it successfully and cost effectively. The one-time investment on corporate training software can save thousands of dollars on a long run and moreover there is no need for manpower involvement in this DIY type of learning modules.

How Corporate Training Software Help You Save Big On

Learning Management System

These sort of training software are commonly referred to as learning management system (LMS), which are of various types. You can take it up as an end-to-end solution from a provider on a subscription basis or get it as open source for customization. Let’s see the options.

LMS Types

There are basically two types of LMS corporate training software available in the market. Both of these have many pros and cons; however, significant cost advantages come packed with both. The users can choose the best option based on their set of requirements. A thorough research is advisable to determine which of the characteristics they possess can work well for your corporation and to go with it. Let’s further review these two options.

1) Vendor-supported LMS

This proprietary type of LMS comes as an off-the-shelf solution, which you can purchase and use on a subscription basis. Once you purchase any customized packages, you get the privilege to do some personalization as to changing logo, changing color schemes, adding or removing UI components etc. This application is constantly supported by the provider and you can simply add the users and training modules to it.

The delivery of training is more intuitive in proprietary LMS, which are geared towards the best user experience to all even without extensive computer background. Even the most basic computer users can pick up items from LMS screens just over a touch or mouse-click to figure out how they can teach you according to your specific needs. If you need to get any help, you can just raise a ticket to the support team of the provider or call them up to get the issues resolved instantly.

2) Open Source LMS

If you are looking for a fully customizable LMS and you have enough resources at your end to take care of the module development and technical aspects of it, you can seek for open-source LMS options. These types of corporate training software are available for free download and you can customize each feature of it based on the purpose. This gives you unrestricted creativity and more control over training administration.

Corporate training software offered by an expert in the field ensures that your training is more personalized and confidential. In case of any technical support needed, you can make use of the experts  to get answers for any questions you post. The specialized in the field are always ready to help you with their support services.

A tip# – Before purchasing any LMS, make use of the free trial for a couple of days or a week first, which all the paid software too offer so that you can see if it works well for your purpose.