Data science is evolving faster than anyone could assume. The stakes are growing larger every day and possibilities are really unimaginable. As developments in Machine learning and AI technologies are launching us in a different age – things, utterly futuristic are coming into being. Today’s data scientist is supposed to possess more skills than yesterday’s. The skill gap in the data science industry still prevails but that does not mean it is very easy to fill in.

The integration of big data and data science is happening fast. With machine learning at its best a lot of analytics tasks are being automated. That implies, machine learning might soon become a mandatory criteria for anyone to enter the data science workforce. It is being applied for more accurate predictive analytics and may very soon become a universal tool for analysis. A data science certificate that certifies your knowledge of machine learning should be a great asset for you.

We cannot trust the trends anymore, as far as data science is concerned, because they may change sooner than we think. Data science in association with AI and IoT is evolving so fast that you must be future ready at all times. Let us say that you are an R programmer and it is pretty much in demand. But you must not stop there because a multi faceted skill set shall always give you an edge in this industry. While operating Hadoop systems may earn you a living but if you are an expert in SQL too, you should do way better, add to that, programming skills with R, Python, SAS, or even better, all of them – you would be absolutely invincible. Having a data science certificate with all these decoration is understandably difficult. You cannot and need not know everything but then again data scientists are supposed to be some kind of super employees.

The idea is being irreplaceable by any AI. Your skills should be such that no disruptions can touch you. The purpose of this discussion not being cynical about the pervading emergence of artificial intelligence but trying to find out what one should do to become indispensible.

The good news is IoT is feeding the enterprises with more data than one can handle. The amoun of data will keep increasing and as more enterprises start to adapt big data there will be a larger number of companies that do not depend on machine learning algorithms to analyse their data. Banking upon big data and using data science technologies in order to make better sense of the data is no longer an option for enterprises it is essential. With all the speculations about probable disruptions caused by AI in place, your best data science certificate, if it is coupled with relevant skills, can still earn you a strong footing.