How Can You Measure ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility?

How Can You Measure ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility?

For financial support from the bank’s or non-financial banking company, you should check eligibility criteria first, so that you know getting approval or not. See, the ICICI is the trustworthy bank in private sector, who can give you best support to fulfilling your desire. You can do anything with your product like shopping, traveling, dining, and more activities.

You can use a personal loan for various purpose according to your requirements. It would be related to your home renovation, wedding, holiday, travel, study or any reason. When the lenders can provide you privileges, that means they know individual’s needs and try to fulfill it with their services.

If we talk about ICICI personal loan eligibility factor, so in this part we can explain you age eligibility and KYC which you have to provide to the bank. After that, they can verify all the documents, if everything as per banks norm then you will get automatically ok otherwise, have to wait and try it again after uploaded correct information.

ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility For Salaried Individual

For Salaried Individuals KYC Factor

ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility For Self-Employed

For Self-Employed KYC Factor

What Is The ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rate?

When you are going to take benefits of personal loan for own usage, that time you should check interest rate also. It’s a factor where you can know, is it beneficial for you after taking it from the bank or not.

The ICICI interest rate is 10.99% to 18.49% with up to Rs 40 lakhs amount for five years. Your processing fee is Rs 999 -2.25% of the loan amount with GST and prepayment charges are 5% of principal outstanding with GST.

How Can You Calculate Your EMI?

It’s a smooth process with EMI tool, you can put all the details and within a second get your exact payable calculation. The personal loan calculates your account details like amount, tenure, and interest rate. After including all, you get to know the interest and total payable amount. For example, calculation of Rs 5 lakhs taken an interest rate 10.99% for five years.

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