How Artificial Intelligence Operate Through Smart Devices?

Life without smartphones! Now that’s a scary thought to imagine. The millennial generation thrives on smartphones and devices. As life is getting faster, smart assistants are playing their role to help us. Data scientists and technologists are researching in the field of AI to mimic human intelligence. There are many devices created to respond to human commands. This intelligence is created by scientists with cognitive learning and problem-solving. AI has already made its debut in the fields of computer science, medicine, film, and media, military and defense system, intelligent devices and robotics. Personalized service in the media and entertainment industry is used as a potent tool for extension of brand identity and the ability to drive business. It is a powerful input for target marketing. Customized content creates integration across media platforms like digital video and television.

Digital assistants help you to discover relevant content. YouTube and Netflix are using AI to transform the entertainment industry. We are amazed at the smart recommendations of videos on YouTube. All the suggestions are driven by AI. Netflix uses AI to track pre-watched shows, searched content to create a custom recommendation of Netflix shows. AI is revolutionizing next-generation TV and video viewing. Netflix also introduced an AI-powered Dynamic Optimizer for video compression without any perceivable loss in the quality of the video. This is a great solution to watch high definition content. You can now engage with their personal assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa. AI has literally made it easy to track and analyze the watching patterns of millions of audiences from around the globe. Major DTH providers are offer set-top boxes with AI Home Assistant. The assistant offers 95% accuracy on translating voice commands. However, these assistants cannot interpret difficult and complex questions. You can use the smart assistant to choose channels on your TV.

Its main features include schedule management, information on weather and traffic and control of IoT powered devices at home. These devices use AI assistant services like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. You can use your AI assistant to make a video call on your TV screen connected to the device. AI is also incorporated for programmatic TV Ads based on the duration of previously watched ads, preference of ads watched, and ads skipped. You can give voice commands to Alexa through the My DishTV app on your smartphone. Subscribe to the new DTH plan that offers True HD channels.

Media and entertainment platforms are changing from ‘watch-only’ to a fully interactive medium. Currently, data scientists are working in the field of AI, to make it efficient and cost-effective option for people.

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