Apart from the great leaders, politicians or economists those who can bring real social changes with their creative thinking as well as creations are undeniably the artists, poets, musicians and journalists. How can you bypass the role played by them who have established that ‘pen is mightier than sword’ at all times? It is their art works, writings and compositions that can influence strongly the millions’ mind and successfully bring social, economic development; reformation or even revolution. When it comes to visual art objects including modern and contemporary paintings, cravings, canvas, they just not provide pleasure or gratification but they have the ability to inspire youth, combat social evils or foster awareness of saving the nature mother.

Through the ages, modern and contemporary work of arts, especially paintings have established them extremely powerful even with its simplicity. It has the capacity to convey ideas fast across different classes of people or among communities. Importantly, whereas language has limitation; visual art like paintings, if made simple can be understood by people across the world. Apart from modern art, paintings created by artists of contemporary age represent prevailing subjects taking place all over the world. These paintings and art objects are commonly exhibited in the acknowledged art galleries like Mark Borghi Fine Art, a great foundation of the American Art dealer, expert and enthusiast Mark Borghi.

Contemporary Art items can be extremely influential to bring harmonization in communities or by letting they stay away from different social conflicts. In a recent research organized by the fellow members of the University of Pennsylvania, it shows that focusing on art subjects among people in a city or state can bring in social unity, improve communal relation, decrease poverty and boost awareness among people to get engaged in community and children welfare. The key plus point of visual art is its fast communication that can penetrate one’s mind effectively. As per experts, with this, people start sharing their views on certain subjects, be it combat of teen drug abuse or harassment of women which is widespread in all societies. Thus, to bring together lost values, ideals and further hopes for the future generation; exhibiting different art objects in the art galleries offers immense value.

Art galleries are always a better choice because commonly art museums show objects explaining the history or heritage of a nation rather than concentrating on present. Unlike museums, most art galleries display creations made by great masterminds from modern as well as contemporary age. In Mark Borghi Art Gallery, you can view diversity of art objects ranging from great painting to fantastic sculptures and oil paintings to wooden carving blending the period post war, Modern era and contemporary period.

The galleries often organize exhibitions featuring the art works of Richard Prince, Christopher Wool, Jean Michel Basquiat, Joan Mitchell and Jackson Pollock. For those interested to view the glorious paintings on Abstract Expressionism should never miss exhibitions and retrospectives organized by the community. There you can observe the unbelievable creations of Hans Hofmann, Larry Poons, Yves Klein and more.