Tents and marquees have a long history of use for various purposes in the human society for several centuries. It is a make shift arrangement which has the ability to shelter people during any kind of emergency. With the passage of time, the design and the fabric has been changed to suit the needs of the people still using them. Earlier, it was the canopy design supported with a pole in the centre balanced by the ground pins using hessian rope. It is still in use today by the nomadic tribes. Initially cotton canvas was the main fabric for creating a tent. Now it has been replaced by different types of nylon and polyester fabrics to suit the contemporary set up. Business giants are always eager to organize huge parties to raise further business contacts or promote new strategies and products. It is quite hard to hire a huge area in office buildings for assembling or inviting your visitors into. As a result, open space events became the ideal option to arrange various types of industrial fairs, conferences and advertising campaigns under the semi permanent or temporary shelters known as a marquee or promotional tent.

Whilst outdoor advertising and promotion has becoming actively popular in every corner of the world, there are few tent providers that can make a promotional tent that meets both the needs of the client at is available at an affordable cost. Stretch structures promotional tents are manufactured with high quality fabric which can be adapted to suit every promotional event. Available in different stunning colors, it is sure to draw the public eye and fetch profits for the person who buys or hires one of their promotional tents. You can rely on Stretch structures to produce a top quality inflatable promotional marquee or tent. It will not lose its color or fade in due course of time. It will be a cause of envy for your competitors who have not as yet created their own tents in a unique style to raise their customer’s satisfaction level. This reputed tent maker has established its branches in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the UK so they can, on a worldwide basis fulfill their clients requirements in any customized form.

How A Promotional Tent Can Make Your Outdoor Events Successful

Under normal conditions, promotional tents cannot be adjustable to particular shape and size unlike the inflatable marquee. Therefore, inflatable marquee is recommended for organizing promotional events. They can be adjusted to any length for collecting a large number of people and also allows sufficient space for performing any type of activity. One can set up a promotional tent anywhere very easily which is ideal for organizing promotional events. It may be in the open airy space in the natural green areas or near the malls or in the open market places.

High quality lycra has been put to use in engineering the promotional tent which promises to glorify the event in different colorful shades and protects the crowd from rainy conditions and scorching sunlight. The assurance of protection from heat and wet exists owing to the waterproof material used in making the promotional tent fabric. An inflatable promotional tent is properly ventilated from inside so that visitors assembled inside do not suffer from suffocation or any type of breathing discomfort.

Corporate logos can be applied on the fabric of the promotional tent in digitally printed form. This printed artwork on the tent will surely help to draw the crowd in large numbers and make the event or the outdoor campaign successful. Such graphic prints are easily washable, ready to be used for the next event. Promotional tents or marquees in inflatable form will also prove useful in various types of events, like arranging a job fair for the job aspirants. And it can also used for dealer or the brand activation.

Every promotional tent comes with different types of furnishing accessories or lights and it is majorly supplemented by the marquee provider on affordable rental basis. It is very easy to pack an inflated promotional tent and other inflatable accessories into a bag and move it to other place for any other significant event. It can be easily customized or tailor made to suit the specific needs of the client.