Honda and Hero are the two leading stalwarts in the two-wheeler market in India. Their adventures and their offerings to the people in India has been nearly the same with the two giants crossing paths a number of times in their illustrious past. Their latest offerings Honda Activa 3G and the Hero Maestro Edge are making waves across the country.


Today, we are going for a detailed comparison between the two in our Hero Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G review.

Design and Looks

The Honda Activa 3G didn’t make much tweaks to the design and looks in comparison to the previous Activa models. However, the Maestro edge takes the upper hand in terms of looks thanks to the sharp body curves, a new exhaust system and LED taillights.

The Maestro is slightly bigger than the Activa as well in terms of length and width making it comfortable for people with a bigger frame to use.

Winner: Maestro Edge


The Engine motor is the one that provides all the power to the scooter. The Activa 3G is fitted with a 109.2 air-cooled, 4-stroke engine in comparison to a slightly bigger 110.9cc air-cooled 4-stroke OHC engine on the Maestro edge. This slight difference is responsible for a larger top speed of 85kmph on the Maestro against Activa’s 82kmph. The difference in the maximum power output is also visible with Maestro getting an 8.31 BHP power at 8000 rpm against 8 BHP power of Activa at 7500 rpm.

Winner: Maestro Edge

Suspension and Transmission

The Hero Maestro Edge uses a telescopic fork hydraulic suspension on the front side along with a unit swing spring loaded shock absorber on the rear side. In comparison, the Honda Activa 3G only uses spring loaded hydraulic suspension on both ends.

The Maestro is equipped with an automatic transmission with a variomatic drive gearbox. On the other hand, the Activa 3G uses a V-matic gearbox alongside the automatic transmission.

Winner: Maestro Edge

Tires and Brake

The Hero maestro edge uses a 90/100 12-inch front tubeless tyre with a 90/100 10-inch rear tyres along with alloy wheels whereas the Activa uses a 90/100 10-inch tyres on both ends.

On the brakes, both the Maestro Edge and the Honda Activa 3G uses 130 mm drum brakes on both the front and rear sides.

Winner: Draw

Instrument Console

The Maestro Edge has switched over to a part-analogue and part-digital console with a digital trip meter and odometer with an analogue speedometer. However, the Activa 3G uses an all-analogue instrument console for measuring the odometer and speedometer. However, both the consoles still have few features missing that we still want them to further include.

Going for an all-analogue or a combo of analogue-digital console is a matter of personal opinion. With both consoles having almost similar features, this segment is shared.

Winner: Draw

Fuel Tank and Mileage

The Activa 3G uses a petrol type engine, the same as on the Maestro Edge. However, Activa has a smaller fuel tank capacity of 5.3 liters with 1.3 liter reserved fuel capacity against the 5.8-liter fuel capacity of the Maestro edge with another 1.8 liters in reserve.

The Maestro Edge provides the rider with a fuel efficiency of 65.8kmpl in comparison to the 60kmpl average mileage provided by the Activa 3G.

Winner: Maestro Edge

The Last Words

The Honda Activa 3G and Hero Maestro Edge both are available in the sub-55k category of automatic scooters. Although, both the choices are very popular among the youngsters nowadays, our Maestro Edge vs Honda Activa 3G review clearly shows that the Maestro has an Edge over the Activa 3G.

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