Home Improvements That Will Add Value

Home Improvements That Will Add Value

With a better global economy homeowners are going to Home Depot like never before for DIY materials to improve their properties. Already the biggest home improvement chain in the United States, Home Depot’s 2017 revenues broke records and topped any expectations. Writers at report on these economic trends, as well as offer helpful home improvement tips of their own.

Whether you’d like to add curb appeal, retouch interiors, or completely revamp the yard, these are tips to add value and comfort to your space.


No one denies the fact that an unkempt yard is less restful and pleasing to the eye. Especially the neighbors. If you’d like to increase your home’s value, clipping shrubbery, clearing out weeds, and planting flowers are just the beginning. You might consider adding a fountain or garden art. For the best results, have a great plan that maximizes space, color, and dramatic effect. If you need help with design, consult your local garden center or a Home Depot for guidance.

Clean Up Your Bathroom

One of the most frequented rooms in the house, your bathroom probably needs spiffing up. Wear and tear can be obvious in this room. Refreshing paint, replacing tile, and fixing any damaged surfaces are easy ways to make relatively simple but dramatic visual improvements that can change the entire vibe for the better. A new light fixture or two can also add to the ambiance. Your return on investment can be a hundredfold, too.

Retouch the Kitchen

Another popular room prone to wear and tear, your kitchen probably needs attention as well. Even a minor improvement such as cabinet re-facing or a countertop upgrade can be a huge improvement that changes the room’s appearance dramatically without breaking the bank.  Recessed lighting is another reasonably priced option for a new touch.

Updating Externals

A fresh coat of paint or new siding always adds to a home’s value and appearance. Updating an entryway or windows does, too, and can be less expensive than you might think. Removing old shutters, adding a deck or porch, and replacing an older door with a newer model also add to a home’s worth and charm. Home Depot can help you with all of these projects!

Painting Inside, too

The right color paint can breathe new life into any room, improving mood almost immediately. If you would like to paint but are unsure of technique, hue, mixing, or any other issue, the experts at Home Depot are happy to help you in any way they can. Paint sample cards aid in color selection. Colors can be mixed to your precise specification, too.

Finishing the Basement

If you have an unfinished basement, consider that a modest investment could add to your home’s accessibility and convenience, and increase its value by as much as $40,000 according to some experts. Just be sure to avoid any potential flooding problems. Install French drains, among other aids, to stop water from flooding your investment.

Window Replacements

New windows can be a helpful tool to maximize energy efficiency and a lower utilities bill. They can also improve lighting, ambiance, and overall cheerfulness in a home. Home Depot offers a wide selection of windows, as well as tips on installation.

If you’re feeling nervous about attempting any of these home improvements, fear not. Help is always available at Home Depot. Never be afraid to ask the experts for their advice or services! They are happy to assist you with these projects and many more.

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