Jumpsuits have an interesting history. Initially, they were used by sky divers and para chuters. They were also worn by adventurers and race car drivers. This was because a jump suit is a one-piece dress, and it is comfortable to move about in. But,over time, the jumpsuit took many avatars and was remade into many versions as per each one’s fancy. Today, a jumpsuit is a casual wear that is chic and fashionable, and you can even buy ladies jumpsuits online.

Easy to maintain and easy to wear, a jumpsuit is a hot favourite of everyone from college going students to celebrities, everyone is seen wearing jumpsuits. This is one fashion trend that is not going out of fashion at all. Also, a jumpsuit can be worn in any season and anytime of the day. It is a great wear for travelling, holidaying, casual date nights and outings with friends. Many versions of jumpsuits are so stylish that they can even be worn to parties and celebrations.

History Of Jumpsuits and How To Wear Them Well

Another secret reason behind the success of jumpsuits is that it accentuates your curves and defines your body shape. Thus, many young women love to wear jumpsuits and soak in the attention that they receive. Can you wear such a sensual dress to work? Well, absolutely. You get striped jumpsuits made of thick material that almost looks like a suit and formal pants. You can wear these to your office if the dress codes are not too strict.

Different varieties of jumpsuits –

Based on length of sleeves –

  • Sleeveless jumpsuit
  • Full sleeved jumpsuit
  • Half sleeved jumpsuit

Based on length of legs –

  • Ankle length jumpsuit
  • Knee length jumpsuit
  • Shorts jumpsuit

Based on colours and patterns –

  • Bicolour jumpsuit
  • Printed jumpsuit
  • Floral jumpsuit

Based on material –

  • Denim jumpsuit
  • Lace crop jumpsuit
  • Cotton jumpsuit

Based on style-

  • Layered jumpsuit
  • Wrap jumpsuit

While there are a number of types of jumpsuits for girls & women to pick from, you cannot where them all at all occasions. Each jumpsuit is unique and you can only wear certain of them at certain times. When you are partying, or having a girl’s day out, you can go for the lacy, frilly or layered jumpsuit. When you are at work, you should choose the formal cut jumpsuit. While travelling and in summer go for the shorts jumpsuit. If it is a movie or dinner denim jumpsuits would do. And, for a semiformal event, wrap jumpsuit is ideal.

One good thing about jumpsuits is that you do not need much accessories to go with the look. Tiny studs and a pair of sunglasses are all you need. Too much bling and jewellery can just spoil the look entirely. So, don’t use too much accessories. Also, avoid extra pieces of clothes like stoles and pullovers on the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit itself is a fully cladding dress, and if you wear something over, it will not look appealing.

So, a jumpsuit is an outfit you can choose if you do not have much time to choose separate top and bottoms for an event. Wear it with confidence, and you will rock the look.