All types of materials have been used for roofing purposes, but none as extensively as wood shingles. This roofing material was widely used in North American colonies, Central Europe, Southern Europe and most notably rural Scandinavia. Today, wood shingle remain as popular as ever. Several companies offer roofing solutions using cedar wood shingles. This articles is aimed at helping you refine your search for the perfect Cedar roofing and preventive maintenance company, what to expect and things to look out for.

Before parting with your hard earned money to get that new Cedar roof, it is important that you profile the prospective professional roofing companies. This gives you a greater insight into the rates charged, quality of roofing materials and the standard operating procedures of the said companies. While choosing a Cedar roofing company, consider the following points about the respective companies.

  1. Find out if the roofing company has a working insurance plan. This arrangement protects you, the client from any unforeseen liabilities during the Cedar roof installation process.
  2. Wooden Shingles and in particular Cedar shingles require some degree of expertise to handle. Consider companies with a proven history of dealing with Cedar wooden shingles. Request copies of the tasked employees’ details and their experience.
  3. Price of roofing materials. Maintain a healthy sceptic approach to the different price bid individual companies will make. Cedar shingles are not cheap anywhere so stay frosty when dealing with below market level prices. These might raise some red flags. As a standard, if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.
  4. Worker remuneration. By law, if you hire a contractor and it happens that the said contractor hasn’t paid up his worker compensation fund, you, the client, are required to compensate for any medical costs associated with injuries that might occur during your Cedar shingle roof installation.
  5. Quality of the Cedar used. Roofing is an expensive affair so ensure that you get your money’s worth in quality. Insist on genuine Cedar shingles from your professional roofing company.

Cedar as a roofing material is a favorite to most homeowners. Choosing this material however is a matter of personal choice that is arrived at by weighing the pros and cons associated with Cedar shingles. Cedar is popular for its properties that include, exceptional beauty, durability, energy efficiency and resistant to severe conditions.

In conclusion, practice due oversight in your search for the appropriate professional cedar roofing company. Cedar shingles are highly energy efficient providing insulation that is up to twice as efficient as asphalt shingles. On the flip side cedar shingles are expensive to acquire and maintain. They pose the necessity of tree logging, which isn’t exactly eco-friendly. An investment in Cedar shingles will ordinarily last a lifetime with proper preventive maintenance. Once you identify the right roofing company, sit back and relax, wait for the perfect roof finish. The ideal Cedar roofing company should arrange follow up visits and maintenance trips to keep your Cedar roof in top shape.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.