Hip Replacement Australia: Solutions To Your Problems

Hip replacement becomes necessary for many individuals after they suffer from an injury that causes a lot of pain. It is also a great solution to the problems faced by unfortunate people that are born with deformities around their hip. If the pain and discomfort is such that it interferes with your daily activities, hip replacement Australia is a good idea.

What is Arthoplasty

Arthoplasty is another name for hip replacement. This is a process that involves surgery of the deformed parts of the pelvis. Afterwards these removed parts of the hip are replaced with artificial hip parts that are referred to as prosthesis. All of us know about the working of the hip joint in our bodies. There is a ‘ball and socket joint’ in the hip that allows the hip to rotate in different directions. Because of this injury, both the ball and the socket of this joint are affected. Arthoplasty removes both of them and replaces them with artificial ball and socket to improve mobility of the individual.

Hip Replacement Allows the Victim to Lead a Normal Life

Hip replacement Australia is undertaken as a last resort if not other therapy or medication is able to achieve the desired results. Most of the surgeries are performed on seniors that face severe pain and discomfort in their hip joint. If this pain is so much that it does not allow living his life in a normal fashion, hip replacement remains the only permanent solution. It is arthritis in the hip joint that is the most common cause of pain around the hip. There is not just pain but also stiffness and swelling around the hip joint to compound misery for the victim.

Common Reasons of Hip Damage

Another common reason of pain in the hip is osteonecrosis. This is a disease that causes death of the joint because of poor blood supply. Then there is septic arthritis that can damage the hip. This takes place because of infection in a nearby joint. Some of the other reasons why hip replacement becomes necessary are fractures and tumors in the hip.

Alternatives to Hip Replacement

As athoplasty is a complex and invasive surgery, doctors tend to look for other alternatives to relieve the pain of the individual. They first suggest exercises and other therapies to see if there is a qualitative improvement in the condition of the victim or not. Sometimes, medications and exercises produce the desired results as when inflammation is found to be the problem behind the pain in the hip. In such a case, administration of NSAIDS can reduce inflammation and swelling to allow the individual to lead a normal life. There are also some health supplements that are known for their ability to bring relief from hip joint pain. Among these, the names of compounds such as chondotrin and glucosamine happen to be the most important.

Many people who are afraid of going under the knife continue to take injections containing steroids to get relief from their symptoms of pain and swelling. There are also lubricants like hyaluronan that are used to increase mobility of the affected hip joint.

However, when nothing else seems to work, hip replacement Australia is resorted to. This surgery has a success rate of more than 90% and very few of the patients report side effects after undergoing hip replacement.

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