High Quality Mass Payouts Made With WorldcoreMoney transfers would be performed online. However, your bank should be able to offer that feature. In case, you do not have online banking, international wire transfers could be done at your local bank. They have been convenient, since people could transfer money to your bank account merely by knowing your account information.

The company was founded in the year 2014. A strong team of experts having requisite knowledge in the arena of financial market, electronic finances, banking services and IT having over ten years experience would be handling your finances. Worldcore has been served by a little more than thirty people, who have been aptly working in five departments of the enterprise. Headquarter of the company has been located in Prague, which is also the capital of Czech Republic.

High Quality Mass Payouts Made With Worldcore

High level of service

To cater the customers with high quality service, the company has been co-operating only with a decent group of renowned and best in class financial partners encompassing banks and huge payment networks across the world. The management team of the company would continuously work hard in order to make Worldcore more global and functional with every passing month.

Worldcore business activities have been licensed and inclusive of the following financial services:

  • Worldcore financial services enables cash to be placed on a payment account along with various operations needed for operating a payment account.
  • Worldcore financial services enables cash withdrawals to be made from payment account along with various operations needed for operating a payment account.
  • Transfer of funds of money.
  • Execution of various payment transactions.


Mass Payouts made by the company

In order to make Worldcore payment service convenient and easy, the experts of the company have spent more than a year researching on renowned online payment service providers. The research would help them understand what has been missing in their current payment service provider. It would assist them to enhance their own payment service system without having any disadvantages. These kinds of researches would enable the company to develop a new global electronic payment service provider for various businesses and individuals. It would be inclusive of various kinds of financial services available across the world. The main aim of the company has been to provide comfort of financial management to their clients. The company would do their best for delivering the best services to their customers worldwide.

The main aim of the company would be inclusive of covering the maximum possible numbers of global payment services. These services would be designed to cater the ability to its customers for sending and receiving mass payments via single account operated at Worldcore payment service.

High Quality Mass Payouts Made With Worldcore

Transfer funds to account of supported e-currencies

Funds could be transferred to different account in any e-currencies, which is supported by Worldcore in an easy, quick and instant manner in almost all directions. You would be required to select an account that would be charged for the payment along with the amount and account number of the recipient. Payments made to few directions might be delayed for approximately 24 hours, as it would need to be reviewed first.