Business management today requires data tools that perform effectively and efficiently. Not only must your business infrastructure have multiple capabilities, it must also be cost-efficient, energy-efficient and more affordable to run your day-to-day business in the office or in the cloud.

Why go with HP BladeSystem

HP innovation is found in the BladeSystem. This system replaces the rack-mount server businesses use. With rack-mount servers the cabling is neat but that does not make things easier. You still need lots of cabling to do business task. Unlike the BladeSystem, it is a contained infrastructure inside a box. This means all departments, facilities and power supplies within your organization is in one area.

Because of the all in one feature the BladeSystem is easier to support all areas. It is more affordable by using less power for working needs.

High Performance From Your HP BladeSystem And HP OneView

How does the BladeSystem Deliver

This awesome HP is a multitasked. It can do several different jobs at the same time. Even though everything is in one infrastructure. It acts independent to run its own operating system like it was an individual server. Handle all your desktop demands and more. You can work on simple word documents or tap into the power needed for those challenging high performance job task like graphic designs.

Big jobs requiring lots of data applications such as audio and video content manage them with ease with this system.

How energy and cost efficient is the BladeSystem?

The technology used for the BladeSystem makes it a time saver. You save time by the speed at which task get completed. Its design is slimmer and it uses less power-consuming to run yet delivers high performance output.

This amounts to big savings in day-to-day operations. When compared to rack-mount servers, the BladeSystem can cut cost by up to 68%. This system needs less power to pump out power so downtime could be cut by 90%. Its high performance produces over 60 times faster on workloads.

How HP OneView Compliments

Take the best infrastructure system available and pair it with the best operating software and you get the power of OneView advantage. HP OneView software gives you the power to help you do your best business practices. HP OneView is a system management product loaded with capabilities. It works well with the HP BladeSystem to give high performance in software functions. This software brings order and structure, it consolidate reports and comes with an extensive template option.

HP BladeSystem and OneView Perform

Having a great operating system is only one part to effective data and management operations. You need a management software that converges with your system to bring superior data center computerization. HP OneView is impressive in the business world. It manages converged infrastructure for multiple applications from the different departments of your BladeSystem then works to create a unified end product.

The HP BladeSystem and OneView work in harmony and offer management, storage ability and software programs that deliver the high-speed results necessary to work in our enterprising business world.

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