Has Going To The Gym Become A Fashion Statement?

Whilst going to the gym usually conjures image of unflattering sweat patches, strained lobster-red faces and animal like grunts, the associated range of sportswear that comes with it, has progressed from merely being practical, to fashionable now as well. This rise in high-end gym clothing has seen the lines blurred between casual and active wear, as more and more men and women embrace these figure-hugging, comfortable outfits.

Whilst you might have once expected to only find individuals wearing shape fitted tights, tanks, sports-bras and running shorts exclusively at the gym, now every second person is flaunting the fashion orientated gym wear. The biggest appeal of this current trend is the versatility it provides, granting wearers a practical and comfortable all day clothing solution which is perfect for the active man or woman.

Ordinarily, when one was planning on hitting up the gym at some stage during their day, they would not be caught dead out in public before or after in their monotone jumpsuit, comprised of tracksuit pants, old t-shirt and hoodie. This is where these health & fitness  fashion forward sportswear brands have been able to bridge the void between the fashion and sports performance worlds. Now, gym-goers can flaunt their hard-earned bodies as they go about their daily duties, at the gym, and afterwards when they might want to meet up with friends. Having an all-purpose wardrobe which is both stylised and practical ensures a greater degree of flexibility for wearers and cuts out the multiple wardrobe changes often required during a busy day.

Since the beginning of this craze, many brands have emerged who focus entirely on providing high end fashionable gym wear. One such sports clothing brand, Russell Athletic, offers a competitive difference as compared to their competitors, by combining performance attire with casual streetwear. Incorporating high quality and innovative materials which are designed to complement the wearer’s figure and feel great, this range of designer training gear has become a popular choice for those who want to look good on the street and in the gym.

With new designs being released all the time, gym goers are now treating their active wear wardrobe like their everyday wardrobe, updating their style with new emerging products. When you consider that these items offer men and women an ideal outfit for everyday use, which are comfortable, durable and fashionable, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on more than one.

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