There are many individuals who like to spend their leisure doing something extreme that is why they like adventure sports. Adventure sports are those that challenge your physical and mental abilities and give you the thrill which can rarely be found in any other mundane normal everyday sport. Among the most popular extreme sports is hang gliding and paragliding.

The basic similarity between the two is that they both help you fulfil your desire of flying freely like a bird, carefree and leave you with the feeling of being on top of the world, literally! They both use an instrument that has wing like propellers and requires a lot of physical strength to be able to manage oneself at such heights.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Differ Vastly

It is a sport liked by different categories of people, from very young to even aged people, although of course, the aged people are discouraged to perform such risky activities. But for the young it is something that you should try at least once in your life time, if not for anything else, but just to feel that liberty and out of the world sensation, just like Bennett Kireker . Hang gliding is his hobby along with his passion for playing virtual reality games.

The major and first point of difference between hang gliding and paragliding is in its shape of the glider. The hang glider consists of a metal frame with wing like extensions and a sail cloth that covers the entire thing. In paragliding, contrarily, it is a simple harness connected from a fabric wing. Both the shapes are obviously dependent on the updraft of the wind in order to give the optimum pleasure; however, the manoeuvring of the aircraft is different in both.

The strength of the pilot is definitely a pre requisite for both the activities, though less in paragliding as compared to hang gliding. This is because in paragliding you know that the glider will respond according to the input you give to it since you are pulling the cords to change direction and pitch. In hang gliding, on the other hand you will require a lot of core strength as you need to shift your body weight in order to fly that bird properly.

The speed of these gliders is probable another thrill for the enthusiasts of these sports like Bennett Kireker . A resident of Pismo Beach California, he is basically a person who loves sports. He also is very fond of football and his favourite team of the NFL is the New York Jets. The hang gliders have a higher maximum speed as compared to that of the paraglide. This makes the experience of both these aerial activities different.

It is the thermal updrafts of the air that help in keeping these aircrafts airborne for a long time. The time duration of flying in both the activities may range from a minimum of 10 minutes to 1 or even several hours. The time that it remains in the air depends on the skills of the pilot, the topography and most importantly the climate of the place.

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