Handbag: An Essential Accessory In Any Wardrobe

Handbag: An Essential Accessory In Any Wardrobe

The popularity of handbags amongst women is such that according to a survey of 2,000 women, buying a new handbag is the most satisfying purchase when it comes to retail therapy. Even though we realize the sanctity of this pleasure, we also know that it can be the most disappointing when we find out that the handbag we so lovingly picked the other day is not big enough to harbour our bulging wallet. And when the umbrella or the essential banana along with the wholesome Tiffin box comes in, the bag is about the break into tears if not real stitches.

To prevent these circumstances, it is important to follow some guidelines while buying handbags on online sale or stores like Damilano.

1. Structure

Just like a pair of jeans, a bag is also supposed to fit you well. It is important to make sure that the fitting is right before buying it. Whether it fits your shoulder comfortably, does it go with work and weekend attires, does it make you look the way you wish to look – these are some questions that require consideration. For example, when buying sling bags for women, please note that a bulky bag can add unwanted bulk to your waistline. Pear-shaped women should look for shorter shoulder straps and backpacks while apple-shaped women can add length to their body by buying bags with longer straps.

2. Bold and beautiful

Black as a colour is always safe and sexy. However, grey, navy or metallic tones will fit as effortlessly as black in your all-season wardrobes. A classic touch of metal can provide the much-needed zing to your wardrobe.

3. Size

When ordering handbags online on sale, the best way to figure out the exact size is to check the measurements and weight. When buying from stores, it is a good idea to measure it on the spot. That’s how much size matters. Compare that with the current handbag you may have and judge if that is what you need. If you are suffering from back or shoulder ache, perhaps it is a good idea to downsize.

4. Research

It is important to do a bit of window shopping before zeroing-in on the bag you will eventually buy. This gives you a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t and also lets you benefit from the latest and the best offers. Research also helps you to choose from the very best and experiment when it comes to colour, style, size and type.

5. The real picture

It is important to judge your lifestyle by what it is and not what you want it to be conveyed as when buying a handbag. Eventually, it is not about what shows, but what is. Hence, to avoid future hassles and inconvenience, buy a bag that fits your lifestyle and demands practically.

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