Gynecologists and Obstetricians Must Be Experienced and Considerate

Gynecologists and Obstetricians Must Be Experienced and Considerate

Gynecology may be another discipline of medical science, but a gynecologist must have some other qualities apart from his or her qualification in Gynecological medical science. It is no wonder that if the human body is a complex system, then the female body is the pinnacle of that complexity.

Gynecological problems vis a vis women’s emotional frame

Gynecological problems may start from the start of puberty and may last well into the 60s and 70s. Women of different age groups have different ways and purposes of leading the life. If a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cyst in her 60s or 70s she must not have any reservation in removing the ovaries completely. However, the same condition in a teenager or a young mother or a young adult woman does not ever warrant the same treatment. The gynecologist must then adopt some other way so that the young woman or the teenager is able to bear child, if she desires, in future. There may be many such gynecological conditions in a woman’s life when she may become vulnerable to severe mental stress. If a young adult woman has fibroids in uterus and the doctor recommends for removal of the fibroids, he may be harming her prospects of becoming a mother, in future. Such decisions are not expected from experienced doctors. So if you are looking for a gynecologist in thane west then you should go for experienced doctors. There are many such experienced doctors in this area.

Modern lifestyle has a role to play

Because of our modern lifestyle, food habits, polluted environment and certain other factors gynecological problems have been increasing in women. Incidents of ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer are ever increasing. This calls for cancer screening. However, such screening must be accompanied by proper counseling since positive disease outcomes may wreak havoc on patient’s emotional frame. You need considerate and experienced doctors for such occasions.


It is an extension of gynecology that deals with childbirth. Childbirth is a momentous occasion in a woman’s life and an occasion to celebrate for her family. However, the process of childbirth is fraught with dangers for both the child and the mother. Right from conceiving the child till its delivery both the woman and her family live a life on the tenterhooks. The obstetrician has a very important role to play throughout this period right till delivery of the baby. He or she may need to counsel not only the would-be mother, but even the would-be father as well as others. You can get such obstetricians & gynecologists in thane.

What happens during the course of a visit?

During the course of a visit, a doctor will go on to perform the routine check ups on a doctor’s list, like measuring your blood pressure and weighing you. In some cases he may go out of the way and check your genitals and then undertake a breast exam. It is quite common to have a certain amount of lumpiness in the breasts and the doctors tend to see whether there is an pain in this regard.

A pelvic exam can also be conducted where the gynecologist tends to exam the outside of your private parts. They may also take the help of a tool called spectrum where a vaginal fluid comes out.

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