Guidelines For Governing Canada Work Permit Visa

Individuals who are aspiring to work in Canada and fill in specific position, they are required to apply for Canada work permit visa. However, applying for work permit is not an easy task to do and this shall require an individual to abide by certain rules. Canadian visa can be obtained provided applicant is able to satisfy the criteria visa officer is looking for. Many employment options are available in Canada, but only those individuals are shortlisted who are skilled and ready to settle in for a short period of time in the country.

How should applicant file the work permit visa?

The applicant is required to fill in certain documents for visa and same have been listed below;

Some local union agencies also have precise instructions and requirements to follow. In such a situation, it is always advisable to take help of immigration advisory service and seek their guidance on which visa is apt for them.

Point system assessment for Canadian work permit visa

Point system of assessment is often applicable for immigration in the country and same does not applies on work permit. Instead it is only applicable on individuals who are applying for business visas or visa of skilled workers. Permit is only given to an individual who wishes to take up the job in Canada. Once work permit has been applied, one must go through assessment in steps as mentioned below;

Once work permit has been granted, one must make a note that spouse is also allowed entry on work visa. However, they cannot work in Canada unless they have their own work to go.

For applicants who are applying for work permit, they must ensure that they must clarify their intention of not permanently settling in Canada. Moreover, they should also make the authorities believe that he will leave the country once visa has expired. Visa officer who is considering the application, he should also be satisfied that foreign nationals have enough money to support their healthy living in the country. All these factors play an important role in granting Canada work Permit Visa for Indians or to other foreigners living in other parts of the world. hence for individuals who have been since long trying to apply for work permit visa, go through the guidelines above and follow the same to apply for visa and get it approved.

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