The latest buzz in the nutrition industry is that of the link between green coffee beans and weight loss. Numerous surveys have attested to the fact that regular use of green coffee bean supplements helps an individual to lose excess body fat. Many people have testified that regular use of green coffee bean supplements had magical effects on their weight loss efforts and helped them to shed those pounds in a very short amount of time.

The Internet is full of fake products and dubious claims; hence we decided that instead of believing anything that comes up on Google, we must conduct a research of our own so that the truth regarding green coffee bean supplements can be uncovered.

In our study there were 30 participants. 10 volunteers out 30 were given green coffee bean extract supplement in the form of a capsule, 10 others were given a different supplement and the remaining 10 were given placebos. It must be noted that throughout the duration of the research, we specifically asked the volunteers not to change their eating habits and workout regimes.

  • Results:

The entire duration of the study was about 22 weeks. After 22 weeks the results were really impressive. We found that the volunteers who were given green coffee bean capsules lost about 15 pounds of weight on average. Considering the fact that these volunteers were specifically asked not to change their diet plan or exercise regime, these results seem to be extremely impressive.

Since none of the volunteers changed their lifestyle in anyway, we were able to measure the effectiveness of the supplement with pinpoint accuracy. Most of the volunteers who were given the green coffee bean supplement didn’t had any hardcore workout plan or a fat free diet regime, hence it can be easily ruled out that the weight loss was a result of calorie deficit.

  • Was it caffeine or something else that resulted in the weight loss?

The results were examined by a team of professional dieticians and doctors. Our panel of experts doubted that this weight loss was a result of high percentage of caffeine in the supplements. According to our experts, the weight loss might have resulted from the presence of Chlorogenic Acid in the green coffee beans. It has been scientifically proven that ingestion of chlorogenic acid effectively reduces the blood sugar level. Another advantage is that it is chlorine free.

  • What about the side effects:

In our study we didn’t found any alarming side effects caused from the consumption of green coffee bean extract capsules. Contrary to this, those people who were given other supplements did experienced some side effects. This only proves that green coffee beans are nature’s answer to weight loss problems.

It must be noted that the active component of green coffee beans i.e. chlorohenic acid is absent in the roasted coffee beans because it gets broken down during the roasting process.

Chlorogenic acid has also been known to be very helpful in removing free radicals. What it means is that it is also a very effective anti oxidant.

By Brianna Wilson

Linda McKeel ia a well known dietitian. She has written many article on the subject of green coffee bean side effects.