Google has revealed its latest innovation; the new tilt brush. It is a virtual reality 3D paintbrush. It is the current future of Microsoft paint that started with HTC Vive, with the expectation that it will grow to other gadgets shortly.

If you like 3D printing, the tilted brush is the coolest 3D Paintbrush that you can ever own or have. The device takes the 3D printing to an entire incredible and new level. It utilizes ideas based on virtual reality allowing you to paint on 3D like you have never done before. The wearable tech digest has a shade that is lighter than on the 3D paintbrush from Google.

The new paintbrush from Google ensures that you are not restricted to two canvas dimensions. It allows the operator to create freely and paint on anything and at any place. Additionally, it allows you to paint skies, mountains and anything under the sun in 3D. With the paintbrush, you become unstoppable. Using the word cool is an understatement, it does not adequately describe it.

The Virtual Reality 3D Features

It enables 3D painting with virtual reality brushstrokes. With it, you can create anything that has dimension. It has elevated painting to a new level finally exploring new heights. It makes painting possible and enabling you to come up with 3D artworks.

The VR lens and console allows you to paint in the virtual canvass. Tilt Brush, as a virtual reality app has successfully pushed the boundaries on how best to represent painting. CNN rates this virtual reality app as the best thing for aspiring and professional painters.

According to Google, tilt brush enables you to paint indefinitely. You are in a position to utilize the entire surrounding space as your canvas. With the use of console and VR device, you can view and paint the environment. Once you finish doing the painting, you can see your artwork at different angles. It provides you with indefinite options alongside multi-dimensional canvasses.

The console or the digital brush gives you unlimited painting possibilities. It supports connection to an HTC Vive that is in a position to give life-size and coolest 3D Paintbrush. The implication here is that your work on art can be amplified to be as big as the size of a room. Alternatively, tilt brush allows the use of mannequin patterns and guide objects to assist in the creation and development of 3D clothing designs.

Google has also stated that the new application will provide the users with a cutting-edge experience never known to them. Its inbuilt palette library which includes fire, light among others. The most enjoyable thing about is that it helps you to paint life-size installations and artworks. The result can be a museum since you can move through the virtual creation.

How it Works

Currently, the app uses the Vive bundle from the HTC. The availability of this app in the market allows you to discover various ways to utilize this amazing and creative technology. The technology allows you to paint anything that exists in the universe.

With the use of this app, everything changes even to those who have the knowledge on what they need to do. The app ensures that you have something new to learn as you use it. Its ability to allow museum installation and gallery platform makes it one of the best.

The app is an immersive and amazing work paving the way for a whole new era of artwork. With this paintbrush, the realm and reach of artwork have become infinite.

The app enables various imaginations of different artists to fly way high. It matches the possibilities and qualities created by the Microsoft Paint, only that the painters obtain the brush virtually. The virtual reality allows painting in 3D. With your room as a canvas and your imaginations as a palette, you have limitless options at your disposal. You can, therefore, paint on virtually anything and yet achieve maximum results.

The technology allows you to use different options of brushes that relate with your VR device providing you with a variety to choose from. Its VR device is currently limited to Vive headset from HTC. Additionally, using the tilted brush requires you to sign up with Vive’s stream.

The technology and its device work out correctly for the fashion designers, architects, and artists allowing them to express their creativity and skills in the best manner. With the 3D painting in place, they can clearly see the result of their design long before implementation. They are therefore able to make rectifications and corrections at an earlier stage protecting against wastage of resources later.


The use of the new tilt brush technology requires one to have an HTC Vive. In case you have never used it, you need to buy it. You can get it at very friendly prices depending on the dealer you contact. Once you have the headset, you can comfortably use the brush. Familiarize yourself with the usage of the various hand-held controller to achieve the best out of this technology advancement.

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