After the release of Google Pixel, which was not a complete success, everyone is expecting much from Pixel 2. The expectations are mainly because Google has vowed to never let its quality fall again. Well, more in this context would come in front of us with time. But it is quite certain that the latest model of Pixel series would surely attain magical success. The internet rumors are suggesting that it would have many captivating features, that nobody would be able to resist booking one. You might be thinking that we are exaggerating, but would say the same on seeing its possible features.

Google Pixel 2

Unveiling secrets behind Google Pixel 2:

Time of release and price: Well everyone is saying that it would be released in October 2017. Whether you believe it or not, it’s a fact driven from trustworthy source.

Regarding price, you would say that how can we know the price when Google never let it disclose before its release. Again we can speculate about it by observing the pattern of the hike in prices of the new models. It seems that it would be nearly 649 pound.

Design: Google Stunning handsets’ are known through their metal and steel body. The same is expected in Google Pixel 2, the chance are that it would be simply an irresistible handset

Body (Build): The chances are that it would come with a waterproof body. It can also have awesome curved technology. We can quite surely ascertain reversible USB Type C in it.

Memory: The 6 GB RAM seems more certain instead of 4 GB RAM.

Storage: It might come with storage options between 64 GB and 128 GB.

Processor: People are debating that Google has planned to introduce its own processor this time. But Google’s head has indicated towards Qualcomm Snapdragon 82x Pixel 2.

Screen: It is likely to have a fabulous 5 inch screen. The chances are that the screen would have AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications: Along with existing IR Blaster and Heart Rate Monitors, it might also have Fingerprint scanner.

Camera: Discussions with respect to camera of Pixel 2 are indicating an enormous camera with 20 MP sensor and enhanced feature of optical image stabilization.

Software: As all the Smartphone of Google are always preloaded with Android, this would also have Andorid v7 along with TouchWiz.

Are the truths related with the release of Google Pixel 2 and its alluring features are now clear to you after reading this article? If you reply is affirmative, we would like to see you again and again on this page. Our attempt is to keep you abreast with what’s happening in the technical scenario. We strive to compile and present only reliable and latest information for you. For finding the exact picture of your favorite Smartphone you can log on this page any time you like. Keep visiting us.

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