Wearable smart-devices represent the next stage in mobile computing and Google Glass is the most hotly-anticipated gadget in that space. It is not an extension of your Android Smartphone or tablet, but is a whole new gadget in itself that can perform various day to day tasks, without you ever moving your hands.

The computing headgear unveiled at a Google launch event in 2012 has created lots of excitement. However, though most have read and heard about the Google Glasses, there are only a few who know what it can exactly do. So, here is a look at seven cool features of Google Glass.

Google Glass with Android

Google announced that they will be releasing goggles which run on the Android operating system. These goggles or smart glasses will have the ability to augment reality. This means these glasses can duplicate the surrounding environment of the user into a computer.

Documentaries in First Person View

We’ve seen the video introducing Glass where skydivers recorded their descent. However, Glass can be used to push documentaries even further.

For instance, viewers can actually step into the shoes of police officers during an actual drug raid, first responders during a disaster or emergency event or even of paramedics who have to think on their feet to save lives. This beats reality TV shows anytime.

Work Together With Any Smartphone & Its Apps

This is probably the most important thing anyone who is eager to try out the Glass would want. We’re talking about support for popular mobile OS like iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry as well as upcoming OS like Ubuntu, Firefox, Tizen and Sailfish.

Live Information When You Need It

In #1, the surgeon would appreciate having access to the vital stats of his patient straight in Glass if he needs it. For the rest of us, Glass could even provide information about programs we are watching on TV such as stats about the actor, the shows they’ve acted in, synopsis or facts about fashion.

The glass could also work in the world of sports where it gives you the latest team and player news, table standings and past results the moment you switch TV channels or when you’re at a live sports event.

Benefit Education

If YouTube tutorials have taught us anything, it’s that videos can go far in education that is not confined in the classroom. Glass can help push that barrier even further by recording tutorials in for instances the type spaces mechanics find themselves in when fixing a car engine or machinery parts, or in restricted areas where only the surgeon and its staff is allowed.

Smart technology continues to provide a vast amount of benefits for individuals, businesses, cities, healthcare, and the environment. The use of certain smart eyewear can help prevent automobile accidents by eliminating blinding glare; help identify certain things for a person suffering from dementia, and increase safety awareness. The smart technology will increasingly get smarter and provide an even greater amount of benefits which have yet to be seen.