A good Oral hygiene gives a good health. It also prevents tooth decay, bad breath and gum diseases. Unhealthy mouth increases the risk of heart attack, diabetes, strokes, etc. Hence, taking care of your oral hygiene should be a worthy goal for each one.

Mouth – Gateway to your Body

Your open mouth or even saliva can tell volumes about what is going on in your body. Mouth is a window helpful to see any symptoms of the problems you might be facing. As per the general dentistry, about 90 % of the diseases show oral symptoms. Hence, ignorance towards oral hygiene can lead to osteoporosis.

A healthy mouth is more than the sparkling teeth. If ignored, poor oral health can cause bacteria to build up that further cause inflammation and leads to periodontitis. This can further extend to other body parts. Therefore, for the best oral hygiene you can choose dental care in Coral Springs.

Saliva – A Helpful Diagnosis

Saliva can detect multiple substances. Certain examples are stress responses in children, cancer markers, and osteoporosis. It can also measure toxins, infections, drugs, etc. it can be said that in future, saliva testing can replace blood testing to diagnose diseases like diabetes, cirrhosis in liver and infectious diseases.

Another crucial role that saliva plays is that it defenses against the bacteria and viruses with the help of antibodies called pathogens. Therefore, saliva protects against harmful invaders.

Issues that Come with Bad Oral Health

Long-term gum and oral infection can result in the following –

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Preterm birth
  • Poorly controlled diabetes

Oral Health with Osteoporosis

Periodontitis and osteoporosis lead to bone loss. Both are controversially linked. It is noticed that osteoporosis affects long bones like those in arms and legs. On the other hand, gum diseases attack jawbone. It is also a fact that periodontitis affects men while osteoporosis is common in women.

A few studies have also shown that women suffering from osteoporosis have more gum diseases than others. Research on inflammation by periodontitis that can affect bones in other body parts is still on.

Oral Health with Pregnancy

Early born babies usually suffer with many problems. Hence, it is being tested if gum disease is playing a role in it. Inflammation and infection interfere in the fetus’ development while in the womb.

Oral Health with Heart Disease

It is a fact that 91 percent heart patients have periodontitis. Hence, it is clear that heart and gum diseases go together. Both of them have common risk factors, which are unhealthy diet, excess weight and smoking. A few also believe that heart disease is due to periodontitis.

The theory is inflammation in mouth leads to inflammation in blood vessels. Hence, less blood travels to heart raising blood pressure that breaks the blood vessel wall. This causes heart attacks.

Oral Health with Diabetes

Periodontitis has a strong connection of mouth and body. This is because inflammation in mouth weakens the blood sugar control. Hence, insulin cannot be utilized and causes complications. High blood sugar grows the gum infections.

Fortunately, for all these problems we can control one for the other.