Going Viral On The Net

The huge amount of the video being uploaded to the internet – each minute 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube – means a single clip has its work cut out to resonate with the wider population. This means they not only have to be worth watching for a vast number of people, but they have to be shared on a mass scale to the extent that they ‘go viral’ around the world.

Three Golden Rules

Dan Greenberg, an experienced player in the world of online video, used Mashable UK to set out his three-point check list a video must meet to stand a chance of going viral. The first is that a video must trigger psychological cues. If a video is enjoyed or identified with, it is naturally going to be shared around peer groups more so than if it is lacking these connections.

Secondly, a video needs to be easy to share within various online communities, with built-in social media features a must. Lastly, Greenberg encourages publishers to immerse themselves in the viewing statistics of their videos. The more you learn about how your video has performed, the better you can tailor your content, destination and even release time to maximise your impact.

Animation and Video Platforms

Short-form video apps in particular have been used by some publishers as a platform for short animation pieces, with the playful, social-friendly aspect of such platforms working well with the medium. Companies such as Leapfrog Animation, who specialise in motion graphics in Devon and the South West, are on hand to assist publishers who prefer to outsource this kind of high-skilled work to professionals.

Forbes assessed the pros and cons of some of the most popular video platforms out there. They highlight the point made earlier that the vast array of video content across different platforms makes it very difficult for any one publisher to gain strong viewing figures.

The Forbes article contrasts YouTube’s vast community with Vimeo’s niche positioning and superior quality, while Vine’s ability to embed is tempered by Instagram’s heightened compatibility with Facebook and its human touch. To give their content the greatest chance of going viral, publishers should be prepared to utilise every tool at their disposal, including a range of platforms and types of video.

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