Since the beginning of time, the nomadic spirit in man has kept evolving though only a few are adventurous enough to listen to this voice. Sure, we go on our family vacations on our annual holidays and sit by the beach. But, there is not much excitement in that.

Stock up your Tents First

And yet, to go where the spirit will take us, we need equipment. All sorts of camping gear including tents and supplies. Of course, one could buy tents online or shop around locally.

Go Camping With Luxury To Wherever The Spirit Takes You

Search for Exotic Adventures

The taste for an exotic lifestyle may not stop with deep-sea explorations and high skydives from a circling aeroplane. It may involve something earthier such as walking the length and breadth of the land, peering behind bushes in the jungle, and sitting beside a waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Imagine looking at the quetzal in the middle of the Guatemala through the glass and aluminium window of your tent. Or waiting by the fish laden Mahakali River at Pancheshwar in Uttarakhand, in your tent where night fishing is the rage. No matter where you go, you need a tent. This quintessential thing cannot be ignored.

Pre-made Luxury Tents

Today, you get exotic tents all ready for occupation, all made for comfort rather than for the rough life. This means, you get air conditioning at the tourist spot along with washroom and flushing toilet. You have mosquito nets over the windows and a steel pipe framework for the walls of your tent. Yes, the tent is a strong rigid structure built by the tourism promoters at that place. And you can stay there if and when you choose to do so.

Top Places to go Fishing

The other top places in India to go fishing are JioBhoroli River where you get fish such as Boka, Saal, Golden Mahseer, and Gorua. Or take in the Elephant Lake at Munnar with its exquisite scenes of nature and abundant fishing between October and March. You get fish such as mackerel, pomfret, and tuna in plentiful. Get in touch with the camping tour operators in Kerala and get the details for a trip to Wayanad. Surely, this trip is worth it.

Luxury Tents at Tourist Spots

Taking your own tent on your camping trip is pleasurable but bothersome. One can stay at the tents built by the tour promoters. These are comfortable and you need not bother to carry all the stuff such as tents, anchors and ropes.

You can get more information on these tents from the luxury tents manufacturers before you begin your planning. The best thing is to ask them what options exist for you and your family. Check the space needed and the space available at the place where you plan to pitch your tent. Or, you could choose pre-built tents as those shown above.

Excitement does not have a beginning, true. But, camping and travelling need a beginning. Choose wisely, get the tent that suits your lifestyle and then, the world waits. Red sunsets by the gushing river, cries of wild birds in the deep forest, and sitting on a beach chair beside famous monuments of the world is just a step away.

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