There is always a scope of change in home and office decor and nowadays it is essential to have carpet flooring. The main reason why it is necessary to have flooring is that it provides a completely different look to space. It also enhances the warmth, decor and practicality. If you are aiming to revamp your home decor as per the 21st Century then Sisal rugs are the perfect solution for it.

They are made from sisalana or Agave plant which grows extensively in Brazil, Mexico, and Africa. It is also considered as the toughest fibre. The sisal rugs are produced by integrally interwoven beautiful sisal threads into various designs and patterns. The main benefit of the Sisal is that it is long and fibrous qualities help into woven into smooth yarn. The Sisal fibres are tough and durable which makes it apt for any traffic areas in office and home. It gives a room a felicitous view despite it has fewer accessories.

The durability of Sisal rugs speak volumes and it is evident that Sisal rugs are stain resistant, strong and also withheld adverse weather conditions. The tough yarn which is blended into a smooth rug has outer layer protection of fibre. Sometimes the rug is tough to clean as the stains are absorbent. Sisal rugs have special features like:

Easy to Lay

Sisal rugs are much easier to install than other extensive flooring types. The key areas where these rugs are beneficial are living areas, stairs, bedrooms and office space. It is so easy to lay that people can also place it themselves.


Sisal rugs are very economically priced when it compared to another flooring like hardwood, laminate, and traditional flooring. It is quite versatile too and it comes in the category of natural carpets which gives it a fashionable look.

Floorspace Sisal rugs come in various styles like the staircase runner with narrow binding. So, decorate your home in a natural way with They turn a plain rug into a noteworthy creation which perfectly blends in with your home decor which will give a serene look to your living space.

One of the key features of Sisal rugs are they are hypoallergenic, i.e. it does not trap dust and other allergens. During weather changes, allergens are major causes of fever and other seasonal diseases.

Natural rugs also give the cosiest feeling and also sisal is very resilient thus the texture is less susceptible to the crushing and indenting which is caused by the footsteps or furniture.

But the blend and style is also an important factor when it comes to buying Sisal rugs, offers an extensive range of well designed natural carpets and rugs. It gives a contemporary and elegant appearance to your living space