Your child may have his vacation or may have his school closed for summer and you still might not get that long a break from work to spend time with him. But that would mean that your little one would be spending his entire vacation either by playing video games or simply doing his holiday assignments! He has the full chance of learning new arts and spending time out in the sun or meeting new friends too. So, if you wish to have him learn a new skill, like cooking or even learn the ropes of digital photography, then do not waste time to enroll him at Greenwoods Camp in Michigan.

Why go for Greenwoods Camp?

The camp is one of the most wholesome activity based camps for your child to get to learn many things, have a great time with boys of similar age group and yes, not even miss home! The camp is equipped with tents and cabins for each of the child and he also gets his own personal dresser and space to let him learn and enjoy his freedom. The camp is founded by Dayna Hardin, who is an experienced camper herself and has even felt that a child can learn and experience nature from the closest quarters. So, a time spent by your son in this camp will surely bring him out of the shell and make him feel happy and allow him to explore his talents.

Give Your Child The Best Times Of His Summer In Dayna Hardin’s Greenwoods Camp

Superb Time Out for Your Child:

The location of this camp is such that your child will be in your reach and yet, he shall be away from the humdrum and the noisy traffic. The camp is well equipped with in-house doctors and restaurants, so that the child would not have to leave the camp for any need and any emergency. The camp’s management is very strict and yet, gives the child total freedom. The founder Dayna Hardin herself monitors that the children are well taken care of and this is why the camp that was founded in the year 1997 is today, one of the most popular choices amongst parents in this part of America.

Your child will be able to learn various arts and skills through group and team activities that will help him find his recreational pursuit in life.

Help Your Child to Indulge in Interesting Games:

If your son is aged between 7 and 15 and you feel that he should be getting trained in an art of his choice as per his strength, under the expert eyes of Dayna Hardin, and you do not have that time to help him learn the fine points of these arts, then just get him enrolled in Greenwoods Camp. Under the care and tutelage of the expert trainers, your child will get to know how to sail, row, swim, cook and even sharpen his skills of fine arts.

The camp also hosts events and even lets the boys be close to the environment as possible!