In this era of digitalization, the internet has become one of the most essential things that are used by the people across the world. Because of the increase in the usage there has been an increase in the risk of websites getting damaged by certain things. So, in order to save your website it has become essential to give the website an ultimate protection.

The dreadful problem faced by most of the website owners is of hackers. The need of protecting your website from hackers is of greatest priority. Such a risk factor is more for the e-commerce websites as there are more numbers of business financial transactions. These sites are known for attracting a large number of hackers. With the help of Sitelock, you can keep your website safe and secured and prevent the hackers from getting access. By going through the Sitelock Reviews you will get to know more information on how exactly the Sitelock works and the number of customers who are satisfied with their services.

The 360-degree monitoring feature of the Sitelock discovers and repairs threats, stops future bouts, speeds up the performance of the website and meets PCI agreement standards for businesses irrespective of sizes. Established in 2008, Sitelock is known to protect more than millions of websites across the world.

Various products offered by Sitelock are listed below:

  • Sitelock SMART or Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool: It is a technically cutting-edge product with a critical capacity to discover and mechanically eliminate malware found on the website. It prevents search engine banning; thus helps the business to stay active. In addition, it also carries out web app scanning.
  • Sitelock INFINITY: It is a first-class susceptibility and malware identification and remediation facility distinctive to Sitelock. It scans the website continually to discover and cover susceptibilities and eliminate malware as soon as it knockouts.
  • SAST or TrueCode Static Application Security Testing: It helps in finding common susceptibilities by evaluating entire source code of the applications without in fact implementing them, and provides a distinctive and vital layer of security by guarding the web apps.
  • TrueSpeed CDN or Content Delivery Network: This helps in increasing the speed of the website by using noticeably less bandwidth.
  • TrueShield WAF or web application firewall: It defends websites from malicious traffic and obstructs harmful appeals by identifying backdoor files.
  • Sitelock PCI compliance: This program competently directs the businesses owners through the self-assessment questionnaire or SAQ process in order to become PCI-compliant.
  • DDoS Protection: Sitelock offers the best DDoS Protection from the most refined procedures of DDoS attacks.

Sitelock offers a vast range of plans for the ease of the customers so that they can choose the one that suits their requirement as well as budget.

Before opting for a particular plan you can read the Sitelock Reviews to find out why more than eight million customers select Sitelock as website security solutions.

Thus, opt for Sitelock if you want to give the ultimate security and safety to you website.