Renewable heat is one of the many applications of renewable energy which refers to renewable production of heat. The technologies for renewable heating involve heat pumps, solar heating, heat exchangers, geothermal heating and renewable bio fuels.

Getting To Know About The Renewable Heating And Its Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Renewable Heating?

There are 4 major benefits of installing a renewable heating system in your house which are as follows:

  • Renewable heating can help the landlords as well as tenants in keeping their house warm while lowering their electricity bills. You can find easily find systems for renewable heating in Essex.
  • You will remain unaffected by the fluctuations of the oil and gas prices. When you use a renewable heating system then you will not have to panic, when the price of oil or gas goes high suddenly. You obviously will still be relying on electricity or other non-renewable fuels, but still you will not be as affected as you were earlier.
  • The best thing about using renewable heating systems is that you will be contributing in the safety of the environment. When you use renewable resources, the nature is not exploited for the limited non-renewable resources. Moreover, by using renewable resources, you are preserving the non-renewable resources for the future generations to come.
  • When you use renewable heat systems, there is a reduction in the amount of carbon emissions. Thus, it helps in preservation of environment.

What is Renewable Heat Incentive?

Renewable heating incentive, popularly known as RHI is a programme that aims at promoting the use of renewable heat technology in Britain. This programme is set up by the government of Britain and provides incentives to those families who install the renewable heat system in their offices or homes. RHI is considered to be the first program in the world that provides long-term financial support for renewable heating. Renewable heating in Essex is becoming increasingly popular.

Who Can Apply for Renewable Heat Incentive?

RHI scheme is divides into two categories which are domestic RHI and Non-Domestic RHI.

  • Landlords, homeowners and self-builders are eligible to apply for Domestic RHI.
  • Wide variety of sectors like commercial, public, industrial and non-profit sectors are eligible to apply for Non-Domestic RHI. Even schools, hospitals and small businesses can also apply for non-domestic RHI. You can also check on the internet to see if you are eligible to apply for non-domestic RHI or not.

How to Apply for Renewable Heat Incentive?

In order to apply for domestic renewable heat incentive, you will have to install the renewable heat system to heat a single domestic property. The building in which you are installing this renewable heat technology must hold an energy performance certificate also known as EPC. An EPC proves that the building is a domestic property. It also provides information about the amount of energy consumption in the house and technology, which could be used to make energy efficient.

In order to apply for you must stick to certain rules laid out by of gem. You can visit their official website to know about the rules.