When they tell you that ‘there’s an app for everything’ they aren’t exactly exaggerating it. There is virtually a smartphone application for most thing – everyone has seen it, apps exist to help you sleep better, to make you eat better and even exercise better. So it’s not really a long shot when there’s an application that helps you plan your travels as well. They help in planning your itinerary, making sure everything is line up –tickets, bookings etc. Here we list some of the best travel planning applications out there. Note that these applications are those which help with planning and not booking. Hence, while they may be terrific for digging out the best deals. They may not show you all the details of say, your flight.

TripIt: This incredibly handy application goes very simple (and great) thing. It does not suggest that you should go to this destination or that, nor does it tell you which spot in a locality is the best way to spend your time in. So what does it do? It combines all of your travel details, itineraries, tickets, hotel bookings, car rental reservations and all the rest in one single place for easy viewing and access. This is much more significant than it looks – imagine you quickly want to check out a reservation number or your flight number. No more searching through emails to get them, TripIt lists everything for easy access. And it’ll even tell you if there is better seating available onboard your current flight. It has other useful options as well.

TouristEye:Instead of organizing or finding the best deals, this is more of an app where you can find ideas and inspiration for your holidays.It’s easy to get ideas for trips of all sizes and read travel trips. Great for those who are always confused on where they should take their next vacation. This can give amazing ideas for a vacation no matter how long you plan to take it. Build a wish-list of destinations you wish to visit and experiences you’d like to have. Share it with people and so on. This app is worth a look at.

TripAdvisor: The ultimate Travel App as some people call it – its website is already hugely popular with a massive amount of information on every location in the world. From restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, transport services it has reviews and information on everything you can imagine. It is the ultimate Encyclopedia for travelers. And if you want some information regarding a place this is your go to app as it is certainly offers much more information than other travel apps.

World Mate: It is aimed at those who travel frequently and business travelers. It will get all of your reservations and itineraries in a single place and then you can add other stuff like destinations, meetings, appointments and events that you need to go to afterwards. It’s like a virtual secretary. It also possesses business friendly integrations like LinkedIn. It also notifies you if there’s anything you need to know about the place you’re going to.