For a woman, looking beautiful is always very important because that not only makes her attractive but also gives her self-confidence. She needs to get her body-hair removed for the glamorous and fashionable look. Hence, one can opt for waxing as a hair-removal option as it not only removes your hair for quite a long time (almost four weeks) but also makes your skin smooth & silky. Over a period of time, the hair growth becomes much finer and sparser, making your experience less painful. You can get your waxing done either at a saloon by a professional or at home by yourself. There are times when you may not get the appointment in the saloons or may be the waiting period is quite long, so getting yourself waxed at home is the best option.

Get Started With Home-Waxing

Home Waxing Kit

To ensure smooth and efficient waxing experience at home, you must have a perfect waxing kit which includes all the necessary items. These home waxing kits are available either in the market or online and you can choose the one according to your budget.These kits are easy on your pocket and comparatively less expensive than saloon.

Your kit must include the following items:

  • Hard Wax
  • Wooden Spatulas
  • An Empty Wax Tin
  • Pro-wax Warmer
  • Pre-waxing Treatment which includes a pre-epilation oil to be used before the waxing session so that pain can be reduced a little
  • Post-waxing Treatment which includes a cooling gel to be used after your waxing is done to soothe the skin

Benefits of Hard Wax

There are different varieties of Hard Wax available and you can choose any from them (Green, Blue, Natural, RP Pink and Chocolate). Hard wax is suitable for all skin types and you can use it for hair removal of entire body which includes bikini area, legs, arms, face and so on. Hard wax hardens just few seconds after it is applied on your skin. You can then remove it at one go resulting in complete hair removal from that particular areaproviding you with clean, smooth skin.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Waxing

Home waxing kits are very safe and effective provided you follow all the instructions carefully.

  • You should always do a waxing test before you start, in order to check that wax suits your skin and not causes any allergy.
  • Make sure that wax is not very hot and check its temperature by applying little on your wrist.
  • You should exfoliate before waxing because your dead skin and dirt can clog your pores resulting in red rashes on your skin.
  • If you want to get best results, you should apply wax in the direction of your hair growth and pull it in the opposite direction.
  • Ensure that the length of your hair is atleast one-quarter inch long so that they are removed from the roots. In case, they are shorter than this length, you would get unsatisfactory results.

You can become your own beautician at home by using these simple home waxing kits as they are staple in today’s age.