State Bank of India has introduced a new credit card Unnati credit card, which is without annual fees for first four years. SBI Unnati is a secured card and is issued to whom, who has already fixed deposit with state bank of India of Rs 25,000 or more. SBI Unnati card can be the perfect solution for you who wish to use a credit card for regular doing things such as paying bills, making payments, shopping, travel and a lot more. If you are planning to fill application for a Unnati credit card, the bank will use the KYC documents for approving the application.

As we know, for a credit card holder person should be at least 18 years of age so the same age criteria for SBI Unnati card also, and income must be regular because it shows you can able to pay the credit card bills on time. Well after that, talk about your KYC part-latest passport size photograph, Identity proof, Address proof and Income tax return copy is required for approving the card. It’s a normal which you need to follow if you want a credit card early, there should not be anything faulty otherwise your application should not be accepted.

How does SBI Unnati Credit Card Works?

SBI will issue the Unnati Credit Card by bank deposits for the first 12 months. Once the period is over, the bank will free the deposit. Once the account holder completes the first four-year waiver, the card will have an annual fee of Rs 499. The cardholder can avoid the annual fee by meeting the minimum required amount of transaction applicable for each year. The card has been designed and targeted to meet basic credit needs, such as upon usage the card owner will get one point per Rs 100 spent on various things. However, there are no reward points for fuel transactions, cash advance, balance transfer and more facility. The cardholder is also entitled to a maximum surcharge waiver of Rs 100 per statement cycle.

What are the features of SBI Unnati Credit Card to differentiate with others?

The SBI Unnati Credit Card offers you, 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel spends between Rs 500 and Rs 3,000, an attractive rewards program where you can get 1 Reward point for Rs 100 spent on the card, Receive cashback of Rs 500 if spending crosses Rs 50,000 per year on the card. When describing you Unnati Credit Card fee and charges are- No annual fee for first four years, From the fifth year a renewal fee of Rs 499 would be charged, No annual add-on fee is applicable and Finance charges on both credit limit and cash advance amount to up to 2.5% per month

How to apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card Online?

If you wish to apply online, then it’s a simple going process just visit the SBI site, select the card which you need.Firstly, enter the details along with KYC and during that in case you need help, so call to executives either they are available to chat, you can clear your doubts and apply.

Can you use your SBI Unnati Credit Card for Payments?

The answer is YES! It’s an obvious question which frequently knocks in your mind that how you use it for daily life? You can use your credit card for credit card bill payments, utility payments and rest things which you want to do. If you want, to use this card for online payment there is end number of options such as NEFT, Net Banking, Mobile Banking App and Auto Pay. Choose any of them and pay the bills on time. Firstly need to register, your ID for net banking and it’s simple if you have already savings account with SBI Bank. You can also avail to view transactions, cash-backs and all the activity which is related to your SBI Unnati Credit Card.

How far back can you see your transactions?

To do this, select my preferences from the drop-down menu under on the online banking page and click on statement preferences. Then, you will be able to view, search and print them out. This field is necessary for maintaining a good credit history as well expenses within a limit. In short, you can say this is a tracker of your credit card.

However, for your query, feedback, complaints SBI customer care service is available 24*7. They are activated for you, can ask any question which can be related to your credit card statement, payments, to know new offers. Anytime for you only on toll-free number 1800 180 1290