One of the famous competitive sports in the United States is the American football which is also called as tackle football or gridiron. It is a fantastic game which has the right combination of physical play and strategy and is played between two teams who make points by hitting the ball in the goal post of the opposite team. In America, the different forms of footballs include high school football, professional football and college football, although each of the sports has their individual set of rules. The major form of the professional American football is the National Football League.

Duval Love NFL is a famous offensive lineman who has played in the National Football League or NFL for twelve years for the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, and Pittsburgh Steelers and started the Pro Bowl. He has been selected to play for Los Angeles Rams in the year 1985 and has played for them for almost seven years that is until the year 1991. His unmatched energy, skill and technique have been noticed by the renowned coaches and this is why in the year 1992, he has been selected for Pittsburgh Steelers by the renowned coach Bill Cowher. He has played for Pittsburgh Steelers till 1994 as an offensive lineman. Later on he signed a contract with Arizona Cardinals in the year 1995 and played with them till 1996.

Before starting the professional career with National Football league; he has played prep football at Fountain Valley High School in Fountain Valley, California and later on he went on to join the University of California, Los Angeles where he started playing college football. He always kind of attracted to the style and technique of linemen. Growing up, he always observed the linemen and as he was getting matured he wanted to see if he was reaching the height of 6’3.

Duval Love NFL says that the biggest impact in his life has been his dad. There has been no uncertainty about it. His dad has been there in every step of the way, throughout his ups and downs. Not only his dad but also his mother supported him in every phase of his life. He says that they have always encouraged him to take challenges and have never let him down. At present Duval Love is pursuing a profession in coaching and has been working on a book. Even though his main goal, dream, is to become an assistant coach in the National Football League so that he can teach the fresh aspiring talents who wants to become a professional player or dreams of becoming a successful professional player.

His passion for football can be perceived even today as he reads, shops, watches, and browses about football only. Apart from football he loves watching basketball and in fact is a huge admirer of Lakers, Shaquille O’Neal and Jerry Buss.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that in order to play football like Duval Love NFL; one should master the right techniques and procedures of the sport.