Get Inspired by These Daughters We Are Proud Of

Get Inspired by These Daughters We Are Proud Of

25 th September is the day dedicated to daughters and on this occasion it makes me remind that the girls are not just daughters of their parents but also of their country. There are many names crowding in my mind while thinking of India’s daughters. When the daughters achieve certain thing it not only makes the parents proud but she becomes an icon and motivation for many girls who would follow their footsteps then. Here is a list of some of these names and inspired by their accomplishments, you can chose some daughter’s day gifts for your daughter.

Kiran Bedi: She is truly the face of truth in our country. An IPS officer, in 1978 she single-handedly managed the Akali goons. Till today she is regarded as one of the icons of our country and if you want your sweet little angel become like her, gift her books written on Kiran Bedi. India Police – As I see, Dare to do, It’s always possible, Kiran Bedi – the woman of substance. Place a bouquet of roses over the book to make the gift more special.

Mary Kom: Often known as Magnificent Mary, she brought many accolades to our country by boxing. The movie of the same name narrated the hardships faced by her to become a boxer and retain her dignified position. A daughter’s life is also full of challenges but she has to cope with them and come back as a winner. Inspired by Mary Kom, you can get your daughter a sports shoe, boxing gloves, as a daughter’s day gift.

Mira Nair: She is a film-maker who made us proud by winning Golden Lion award at the prestigious Venice International Film festival for making Monsoon Wedding. Some of her works were nominated for Academy and BAFTA awards as well. She is the face of India in international arena and her creations speak of her caliber as a visionary. Inspired by her, as a daughter’s day gift, get some movie DVD’s for your princess. Add a dash of chocolate cake and greeting card wishing her all the best.

Saalumarada Thimmakka: She is an environmentalist who planted and nurtured 384 banyan trees along a stretch of a highway between Hulikal and Kudur in Karnataka. We hardly find anyone in today’s world who can spare so much time to nurture nature. Along with her husband she waters these plants after carrying buckets of water for 4 kilometers. Inspired by the life of this great lady, you can go with some plants both outdoor and indoor as gifts on daughter’s day. Planting a tree is a noble deed and nurturing it makes one modest and patient.

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