Hunting deer is very fascinating. There are many methods of hunting deer. The best way to hunt this animal is to choose spot and stalk deer hunting method. Though it may not appear as relaxing under blind or tree stand, but this kind of hunting method offers maximum thrill from the beginning of the shooting session.

Spot and stalk deer hunting requires lot of skills, right equipments and right habitat. There are different kinds of tactics and tricks, which hunters can use for striking success at hunting trips.

Know About Spot and Stalk Deer Hunting

Spot and stalk deer hunting is a way through which a hunter at first locates a deer and then, follows the animal to open fire within the shooting range. Maintaining of shooting range can vary from person to person. You need to focus on stalking into position, from which you can attain a clean and good kill.

Deciding Shooting Range

How close you need to be before firing a shot? As a thumb rule, if you are using cross bow or similar weapon, you have maintain distance of forty yards from your prey. Rifle hunters should maintain distance of three yards approximately from the target. Selection of shooting range depends upon your expertise.

Know About the Habitat

It does not matter where you are in, spot and stalk deer hunting is the ideal way to hunt your prey. You can find areas, which are better suited for this type of hunting.

The best place for conducting this type of hunting has more of open spaces. In first place, you have to search countries that have open space habitat. If you are looking for mature buck, then you need to spend lot of time searching for those areas.

Spotting Deer

Once you have chosen a suitable area, then your focus should be to locate a deer. The best thing to do is to do for preseason scouting before your actual hunting session start.

Keeping Your Distance

The best way for conducting spot and stalk deer hunting is to watch the deer before get noticed by the animal. For this reason, you have to locate deer from long ways off. Once you have become successful in spotting them, you can frame a plan to get them within your range.

If deer can sense your presence, things will become much difficult for you and this may lead to frustration.

Equipments Required For Spot and Stalk Deer Hunting

There are number of things, which can raise the success of hunting.


This kind of hunting requires you to spot a deer. It will be of great help you to if you carry binoculars. This will make your job easy for location number of deer in short time.

Spotting Scope

Spotting scope is used for locating deer and it also judges whether they are worthy of stalk. This gear is also important for finding other deer and anything else in your path, which can compromise your stalk.


While following deer, it is important that you should not make noise. It not a feasible solution to stalk deer, bare footed as it can cause injuries. So, you need to purchase lightweight boots that are specially meant for spot and stalk deer hunting.

Keep these above said suggestions in mind and attain success at spot and stalk deer hunting.

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