General Prohibitions and Restrictions Should Be Known For Retail Customer To Send Parcel

Maximum people don’t know some basic rules or restrictions during sending a parcel. They think that they can send anything through courier. But it’s not possible. Here we are going to discuss some general prohibitions and restrictions should be known for retail customer to send parcel.

If you are a citizen of UK and wish for parcel delivery to USA or any international destinations, then you can’t send the following belongings.

Aerosols which includes grooming products like deodorants/body/hair sprays, shaving and hair removal creams and medical stuffs like asthma inhalers.

Alcoholic Beverages

There are some specific items of Alcoholic Beverages can be sent to through international courier. Those specific items are:

Alcoholic beverages and liquids which contain more than 24% – 70% ABV can’t be couriered to international destinations. Especially liquids like gin, rum, vodka, whiskey and other spirits and liqueurs are prohibited for courier service.

But these items can be sent through courier within UK or local area Volume of these shouldn’t exceed 1 litre.

Arms and Ammunition which includes Low-capacity air weapons can be sent only on an emergency service only.

Dangerous and risky items like Air rifles, air guns/pistols together with lead pellets and other airgun or air soft projectiles are come under Arms and Ammunition items.


Following batteries can’t be sent by international courier service.

Biological Substance includesbloodand urine is strictly prohibited to be delivered by mailing service. But in the emergency condition or the special request of, an experienced medical consultant, authorized dental practitioner, veterinary surgeon, nurse who is registered or a recognised laboratory or institution, the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) permits to take these Diagnostic specimens.

Everyone should know about these things otherwise during sending the parcel you will face many problems and the authority will not allow you to send any of your valuables.

There are lots of general prohibitions and restrictions for deliver a courier. Different rules and limitation are there depending upon your parcel.

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