The United States is the epicenter for most of the major international events, which has its effect on distant nations. Every year large number of people moves into the United States and add to its immigrant population. Chicago is fast becoming the hub of important activities in the United States. According to statistics, Chicago is the fifth-most populous city in North America and third-most populous city in the entire United States. The city has emerged as one of the most popular metropolis attracting people from all over the world for business, work, and education. Unique and charming features of the city even turn most immigrants as its residents.

This huge inflow of people from all over the world is resulting in mounting demand for living space and real estate properties. As a result the scenario is favoring steep growth for real estate business and there have been multiple real estate businessmen working in developing several housing and other real estate projects round the year.

Among the existing real estate business owners, Gene Bernshtam, along with his company Avalon Holdings LLC, is one of the most popular real estate entities in Chicago. Bernshtam graduated with a degree in finance from Loyola Business School. He received series 7 and 63 licenses that allowed him to work for an investment banking firm after college. He has always shown keen interest in automobiles and later ventured into auto business and opened Avalon Holdings LLC. It is the company that exercises real estate business in Chicago.

Within a comparatively shorter time his company became popular. Gene Bernshtam got his hands on the right nerves as he could perfectly design and create real estate properties that would suit the needs and requirements of modern people who have a different lifestyle.  Since Bernshtam worked in the banking and finance industry for long and has good experience of working in the real estate business, he could correctly decipher what exactly modern day property buyers would be expecting from their new homes.

Gene Bernshtam is not only a successful real estate businessman but is also a car enthusiast. He takes great interest in collecting classic automobiles and restoring them. Gene’s love for cars reflect from the varied efforts that he makes in informing people about collecting cars, ways to restore vintage cars and related information, through his blogs and other means of communication. In one of his blogs he has elaborated on the reasons behind collecting cars. He said that automobile manufacturing is an ongoing process. Every year automobiles in new designs are produced and like these iconic vehicles are made and they rise from the ranks of ordinary. Gene Bernshtam gives an entirely new dimension to car collection by saying that collecting cars is a way of preserving extraordinary automobiles.

He acknowledges cars as a work of art. Owning classic cars or collecting them greatly satisfies him and is a matter of great pride for him to own something that none has. Gene’s profound sensibility makes a mark and differentiates him from other real estate developers.