Fuel Efficient and Easy On Pocket Cars To Look For In 2014

Fuel Efficient and Easy On Pocket Cars To Look For In 2014

The contemporary world is a competitive place to live in, when students are competing to score the best of ranks, Multi-national enterprises are improving their products to occupy a huge share of market and prove their mettle.

Auto-mobile companies have also got into the act of competing, which is good news for the customers because competition between auto mobile companies will yield fuel efficient and economical cars. Companies across the world are focusing on developing a car with an engine that saves fuel, provides with good mileage and goes easy on the pockets of the customers.

Year 2014 will come to end in like 90 days; the world has witnessed the clamouring launches of cars from various auto-mobile houses. All of them claim to be the most fuel efficient cars, we bring to you a list of fuel efficient and economical cars from the financial year of 2014.

Mitsubishi Mirage

• Mirage from the house of Mitsubishi ranks higher when it comes to being fuel efficient and economical at the same time.

• The 3 valve cylindrical engine with a 1.2 litter capacity produces a mileage of 3035 km per litter which is way better than hundreds of cars produced every year by innocuous automobile enterprises.

• The Mirage is affordable, middle class people can grab it on EMI as well, but a meagre price of $13,995 is very much affordable.

Volkswagen Passat

• Passat from the house of Volkswagen was an instant hit. People plunged onto the car during the pre-booking stint to make sure that they have a unit of this car before it goes out of stock or before every Tom, Dick or harry has it on the road.

• Passat is an exquisite car with great efficiency. The 2.0 Liter engine is known to produce huge amount of energy with lesser consumption of the fuel.

• The car is slated at the price slab of $ 26,000-$27,000.

Toyota Corolla

• Toyota launched the eleventh generation of Corolla in the financial year of 2014 and the new car is known to have a clean design with an efficient engine.

• The engine works on the fuel with artisan capability and produces more of energy with lesser consumption. The car is also very affordable and can be availed with the payment of $18,700.

Honda Civic

• Most of the people buy Honda Civic because of its design but the new and exquisite version of Civic is a rage. Its increased fuel efficiency and easy going demeanour is enamouring customers like never before.

• The fourteen horsepower engine is very heavy but produces incomparable performance with less consumption of fuel. One can avail this car at a payment of meagre sum of $19,500.

Now that you know, which cars are making people go crazy; it’s your turn now to decide and spend some bucks. Still confused? Why not try driving practical test and reaching a consensus. When you sit inside a car and hold the steering, you get to know how good or bad the car is. Do not lose onto the opportunity, book your favourite car today.

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