Four Signs Your Company Needs Direct Mail

So, you have launched your enterprise or store, and want everyone in the vicinity to come down and take a look at your products and services. What should you do to accomplish this? If this is the question you are pondering on, well, you could try using direct mailing service!

What are Direct Mail Services

‘Direct mailing service’ simply explained, means mailing services that are used by companies to reach out to targeted customers. This mode of marketing is extensively used by companies, who are looking to directly reach out to a specific set of customers. Customers may be targeted according to their location, demographics, economic status and buying habits.

Customers, to whom mails are usually sent out to, are specifically selected from consumer databases like, shopper databases, real estate databases, lists of new borrowers, credit card holder lists and even loyalty-program databases.

When employing direct mailing services, companies use flyers, brochures, post cards, mail-merged letters, self mailers, newsletters, discount coupons and even token stickers, as tools of marketing communication. Every type of direct mail is personalized with the customer’s name and address on it, before it is sent out.

Direct Mail Forms an Indispensible Part of Successful Marketing Campaigns

There are plenty of reasons why, direct mailing service is still popular in a highly digital age! While there are many who contend that, direct mail marketing belongs to an age gone by, marketing guru’s believe- it is still a vital part of successful marketing campaigns. This is true, especially for small and medium enterprises that have smaller budgets and are on the lookout, for more immediate results!

Your Company Needs Direct Mail When…                         

However, even a direct mail marketing campaign involves costs! Therefore, it is essential, that before using direct mailing services as part of your campaign, you embark on a fact-finding mission to ascertain, whether you really need it. Given below, are the four signs that indicate, whether your business requires you to undertake such an initiative or not.

1. Your Target Market Can Be Reached Using Direct Mailing Services

‘Direct mail’ is an excellent idea, if you believe that by using ‘direct mailing service’ you can reach out more effectively to your target market, than you would by using more expensive advertising channels.

For enterprises like real-estate companies, food chains, coffee shops, grocery stores, beauty salons, fitness centers, training hubs and even financial enterprises, like banks and brokerage businesses, besides umpteen others – ‘direct mail marketing’ does work! Whether you are looking to target customers in specific locations- may be outside academic institutions, offices, or malls, or probably particular localities or cities; using printed marketing material, helps get the job done!

2. You Want to Know Who Your Marketing Material Reaches

In most instances, when a company communicates information about their products and services through marketing campaigns, they can never be sure about who received their message.

While technology makes it possible to assess an approximate number of target customers who watched, read, or heard a specific advertisement-it does not spell out their names and addresses! In contrast, when using direct mailing services, companies already have some information about the customers they are mailing to.

Information that could begin with a customer’s name, gender and address, and go on, to include knowledge about his/her profession, income, shopping habits and more!

3. You Are Keen to Find Out How Customers React to Your New Products and Services

That, companies are already aware of who they are targeting, when using direct mail; gives them a definite edge, when it comes to following-up on leads. This by itself is an advantage, where translating ‘interest generation’ into ‘revenue generation’ is concerned. Direct mailing services also enable businesses to test out, how customers are reacting to their newly-launched products and services.

Businesses keen on assessing how a particular product or service will perform in the market, initially use direct mail marketing campaigns, to test the waters.

4. You Need to Strengthen Your Existing Customer Base and Reach Out to New Clients

Direct mailing services are equally effective, both, time-wise and cost-wise!  As a company, direct mail provides you with the opportunity to reach out to customers in a straight forward manner. From reconnecting with existing customers and building on their loyalty; to touching base with new customers and informing them about your unique products and services-Direct mailing services, can accomplish a lot for you!

This article was written by Melinda. J.F. Turquoise, a marketing writer, according to whom, direct mailing service delivers results much more instantly.

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