Floatation therapy is quickly gaining traction as an alternative to the day spa, the majority of day spa visitors are looking for relaxation, rest and recovery. While the spa can provide all this, floatation tank sessions will provide all this for you at a much greater level, while maintaining total privacy and for a much lower cost.

The use of float tanks is also known by a few other names, aside from floatation therapy, you may have also heard the terms isolation tanks and sensory deprivation tanks.

While a Hollywood movie called “Altered States” was made about this during the 80’s, exploiting the unknown status of isolation tanks within the general public, and which still sparks some fear into people who have seen the movie to this day, you need not believe almost anything of what you have seen in this movie.

Forget The Day Spa, A New Private, Friendly And Enjoyable Alternative Is Here

Similarly, for those fearing ‘sensory deprivation’ as something negative, you need to forget about this too. The facts are nothing could be further from the truth, and almost every single person experiences nothing but positive effects from using a floatation tank for rest and recovery purposes, both mental and physical.

By shutting out external stimulus, spending time in a float tank allows the body to relax far beyond what it normally would have a chance to in the modern world. While at a day spa you spend some of the time laying in a tank, you also still place pressure on your body due to sitting on the bottom of the spa bath, in a floatation tank, you literally float, aided by the extremely high concentration of Epsom salts in the water, your body weight is easily displaced, leaving you laying in a state that feels as though you are floating in thin air.

The water inside these tanks is also heated to the temperature of human skin, which is 34 degrees Celsius, this ensures your body has the least amount of stimulus from the water, again aiding the feeling of floating without gravity. To top this off, the Epsom salts in the water do not wrinkle or damage your skin, the opposite actually occurs, it allows your skin to relax and even clears out your pores, leaving you with a feeling of silky smooth skin at the end of a one hour session.

Day spa’s also offer massage services, to loosen up and free tense muscles, floatation however is a far greater benefit for this type of treatment, by placing absolutely no weight on the body at all, your body naturally relaxes and releases all muscles, placing the body into an extreme recovery mode, the longer you spend in the tank the greater the relief you will experience, and it does not only last for the day, most floatation tank users report the effects as ongoing, well up until their next session which is usually a month away, however people who find a love for using the tank commonly purchase memberships, giving several floats each month and allowing unused floats to roll over into the next month.

While the day spa is the most mainstream type of relaxation therapy, we highly recommend trying floatation so you can weigh up the benefits for yourself, for a small cost of around $50 per hour session, floatation therapy is within a price range for everyone, and those who take it up often never look back.

For more information on floatation tank therapy, please visit the Melbourne Float Tank website.