Five most in demand jobs and five most highly paid jobs in the USA

Over the years, the USA has maintained global economic leadership. Successful development of the state became possible due to a large influx of qualified specialists from all over the world. Despite the rather complicated and bureaucratic procedure for legal immigration in the US, the number of foreigners seeking employment in US companies is increasing every year. Use the to be the first always and everywhere!

The United States of America is a country with enormous opportunities, a very developed financial and economic sphere. In 2017, the unemployment rate in the state was 4.4%, which means that almost all professions are in demand there. However, there are several professions, which are required the most. This list includes professions with low salaries, so most locals do not want to work in this direction for such wages, which is why a deficit of a certain group of labor arises. As statistics show, only about 33% of American citizens are employed in demanded specialties. The rest of the employees are foreigners, who immigrate to America or come to this country for the purpose of employment, career opportunities and earnings.

The most popular professions in the US:

  1. Sales-consultants

This job does not require special skills and abilities. Sales consultants earn an average of 26,000 USD per year. This figure is significantly less than the average annual salary in the US, which was 37,440 USD in 2017. According to research conducted by the Department of Labor, the demand for such a specialty in the next 5 years will grow by another 6-7%.

  1. Employees of restaurant and hotel business

Low level of salary and difficult working conditions provoke turnover of staff, so hosts, house cleaners, barmen, dishwashers, waiters and cooks are required in any state of America. On average, a public catering employee has 19-20,000 USD per year. Working in restaurants, hotels and eateries is suitable not only for American students as part-time job, but also for the foreigners, because for most of these jobs, a diploma of higher education is not required. For those, wishing to immigrate to America, finding a job in the restaurant business will not be a problem. Some professions do not require knowledge of English. In addition, it is worth noting that the USA is the country with the largest number of migrants that is why a whole network of public catering establishments is operating on the territory of this state, for employment in which the knowledge of a foreign language is not needed at all.

  1. Office staff

They include secretaries, reception managers and workers in the administrative sector. The salary of office staff varies depending on the position held- 30-45 000 USD per year.

  1. Junior medical personnel: nurses and medical attendances

The demand for this profile is determined primarily by the aging of the American people. On average nurses receive between 65,000 and 75,000 USD per year. People who immigrated to America can work without problems in this industry if they have a medical diploma with a Bachelor’s degree or a certificate of medical courses. The main advantage for migrants is that it will not be necessary to undergo requalification, it will only be necessary to confirm the diploma (or another document on education). According to research, conducted by the Department of Labor, the demand for junior medical personnel in the next 5 years will increase by 13%.

  1. Employees of call centers

For employment in the call center, you need an excellent knowledge of English, so among migrants this industry is not in demand. A low annual salary – up to 40,000 USD, is the main reason why the specialty of the call center operator is not particularly popular with the local population. In demanded specialties work mainly students, schoolchildren, people without education and migrants.

The highest wages in the US are having representatives of the medical industry. The second place in the list of highly paid professions in the US is assigned to employees of information technology, marketing and financial industry.

Top five highly paid jobs in the USA:

  1. Anesthesiologist is the most highly paid profession in the US. The average wage is 243,000 USD. Anesthetists in such states as Washington, California, Texas, Kansas and Iowa receive the largest salaries.
  2. Surgeon. On average, surgeons receive 240,000 USD a year. The highest earnings for surgeons is in Minnesota – 285 000 USD.
  3. The dentist. Dentists in the US annually earn, approximately, 220 000 USD. The expected growth in salary in the next 10 years will be 18%.

  1. Obstetrician-gynecologist. The salary of a doctor of this profile is on average 218,000 USD.
  2. The psychiatrist. The average annual salary is – 209 000 USD.

In addition, some professions require retraining. Lawyers, accountants and medical professionals are required to re-study in the United States of America to obtain a document issued exactly by an American university. Foreign residents, who have a medical diploma from another country, are enrolled in the university right away for the third year.

In conclusion, we should note that the average salary in the US is about 3.8 thousand dollars a month not counting taxes. Medical workers earn the most in the United States, and the lowest salaries are recorded in the service sector. The progressive rate of income tax in the US varies from 10 to 37%.

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