At the age of 70, when people are retired and lonely sitting in houses without taking care of themselves and their health, some people at that age think that it is the start of a new journey of their life. It is rightly said “it is in a healthy body that a healthy mind develops.” All of us should take care of their health and make sure that we exercise daily to avoid stress and tensions. Doing exercise regularly improves our mental capacity and our ability to think. It also helps us avoid diseases. I have seen some people at different places while traveling who even after the age of 50-55 seem to be just of the age of 40. I once asked one of them that what the secret behind it is and he replied with a smile that he plays a lot of outdoor games and does yoga daily accompanied with a morning walk on a regular basis which is the secret of his health.

At the age of 70, there is a confusion going on in our minds that what type of exercise would suit me which won’t hamper my body. Playing for 2 hours daily like a ten-year-old kid would be resulting in joint pains and broken limbs. So the best solution at the age of 70 would be Brisk Walking or Yoga.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise but a mental, physical and spiritual discipline or practice. It helps us to ease and helps to release stress and tensions. It is a way in which we can gain control over our body and mind. Yoga helps in reducing cardiac problems to a great extent as it provides the maintenance of a balanced metabolism and helps blood circulation. Yoga is the perfect solution to many health problems like breathing troubles, heart problems and many more.

Brisk Walking is another physical exercise which could be done in the late sixties or in the seventies as it requires minimum efforts. Brisk walking means walking in quick and energetic manner. Brisk walking in literal sense means walking at a uniform pace which is more than that of a normal walking but less than that of jogging. Walking, be it slow or fast has its own benefits but walking fast, i.e., Brisk Walking helps a lot in maintain a correct flow of blood into the body which helps in lesser heart problems. Walking helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body and helps in maintaining good health. Health experts say that people should walk minimum 30 minutes a day which can help them avoid many health problems.

At the age of 70, when life seems to be too boring at home, people should trying going out for a walk specially Brisk Walking or doing Yoga regularly. This won’t just help them in maintaining their physical health but also help in achieving mental peace. So let us wake up every day and try to do a little more of exercise trying to maintain our health.

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