Whether a pet or a pest, rodents bite anything or anyone it sees as a threat to its life. Believe it or not, rats are more scared of you than you are of them. Their instincts as animals can turn them into little beasts.

If and when the unfortunate time comes that you get bitten by one you need to have knowledge on what to do. Yet if you can prevent such biting to happen, do so. You may ask the pet owner to hold the rat and keep it away from you. You may also choose to run away from the pest when it tries to approach you. Here are things you should do as soon as you get into this incident.

First Aid Tips For Rodent Bites

Prevent any second bites from the rodent.

You do not want to double the infection. As much as possible, go away from the area where the incident happened and go somewhere you can clean your wound.

Clean your wound thoroughly, but carefully.

It is best to use warm water and soap in cleaning wounds caused by rodents. Wash it well and make sure that no soap residue will be left. That will cause irritation later, on top of the infection.

Cover the wound with transparent film dressing.

Do not apply ointment just yet. Also, do not use gauze dressings, as its fibers will only stick to the wound itself, exacerbating the pain you experience. Transparent film dressings are smooth and will not require you to use medical tapes anymore.

Apply antibacterial ointment as prescribed by a doctor.

Do not self-medicate as your case may be different from what you read online. Remember that if you apply ointment on the affected area, it is best to leave it exposed. The ointment will only be absorbed by the dressing.

Consult your doctor.

These first aid tips must only serve their purpose of giving you knowledge about care prior to hospitalization. While rodent bites will not put you to bed rest for months, it is safest to seek medical help from a doctor.

Rodent bites may be bloody, but you have to keep calm in order to address the situation smartly. Remember to always be careful as any hit on your wound may worsen the condition.

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