Finding Out Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

The roof is one of a building’s ultimate barriers against the outside world. If there was no roof or if it was flimsy, the residents of a building would definitely become prey to natural problems. A quick rain spell can lead to torrents of water inside a home, making the loss of a roof a big danger to many. Knowing the life expectancy of your roof is one way to prevent this from happening. Best to know just how long your roof can be relied on so that you will be able to predict when you need to replace it.

The General Expectations

Generally, the life expectancy of a roof depends on the material used to create it. Concrete tiles and metal usually stay strong for longer, most often greater than 30 years. Asphalt will reach at most thirty years depending on the type, and Bitumen or EPDM should be checked on at least once a decade. Homeowners should also check for current leaks when moving into a home with preset roofs. Although the roof may still survive for quite some time, leaks are typically signs that the roof should be replaced sooner rather than later.

Changes to your Typical Roof’s Life Expectancy

Although there are generally life expectancies for roofs, there are a few aspects that skew the usual number. Take note of any of these characteristics that your roof may have. Roofs that are subjected to more sunlight or absorb more heat easily degrade. The roofs that directly face the path of the sun as well as those that have darker colors will have shorter life spans.

Take note of your area’s climate too. An area that is hotter or receives more rain than others tend to have shorter roof life expectancies. Flatter roofs also generally have a shorter life expectancy.

The Experts on Your Roof’s Life Expectancy

You can have a roofing expert check out your roof and estimate how long it can still be used. Most roofing specialists will be able to tell you how long your roof still has with regard to the thickness of the material that is there. The amount of wear and tear it can still take usually defines the life expectancy of your roof.

A homeowner should know the roof’s life expectancy as it dictates a large part of a building’s integrity. Having a house with a worn roof may lead to unnecessary damages that can be avoided through early diagnosis and proper roof maintenance.

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