Planning a funeral can be difficult and stressful at the best of times. Many relatives find that they get great comfort from being able to plan the perfect funeral – one that they know will honour and celebrate the life of the deceased, and see them off in a fitting and respectful way.

Of course, funerals have trends like everything else in life, and there are many more requests nowadays for ‘green’ funerals. A lot of people are now interested in biodegradable coffin products and are keen to know what materials they are made of. So, let’s take a look at what these are, and why you might choose one.

A ‘greener’ choice

Biodegradable coffins are made from different materials which break down naturally in the soil and help to fertilise it. Rather than adding something to the eco-system that harms it and remains intact for centuries, a biodegradable coffin provides nitrogen and other essential minerals, which nourish the soil and help plants to grow.

Suitable for all services

Many people who opt for a humanist funeral choose a biodegradable coffin, as it supports the philosophy of the service very well and offers excellent options for customisation. These coffins are also suitable for cremation and traditional burial services.

Cardboard biodegradable coffins

Biodegradable coffins are made from thick corrugated cardboard and made using recycled materials to increase their sustainability. For even greater sustainability, the wood pulp and fibre elements can be sourced from sustainable forests. During construction, natural corn starch glue can be used, along with cotton strap or natural rope handles, and calico liners.

Customised options 

Cardboard coffins have the option of customisation, meaning that colours and designs can be applied to them to help create something unique and beautiful that honours your loved one’s memory. Graphic designerscan work with you to create the perfect finish and ensure that you are delighted with the results. You can specify the types of image you’d like to see, or they can help you with ideas. Click Here to know more.