Testosterone is an essential secretion in the male body which is considered as a quintessential hormone that builds muscle mass in a greater extent. Having normal secretion of testosterone induces healthy well-being, high amount of energy, higher libido level, and potential & enhanced athletic performance. It is common that all the male characters look for higher T levels, though his primary goal is building structured body.

Fenugreek and Its Miracle Benefits Of Increasing The Testosterone Level

T Production and T Level

There are n numbers of ways to increase the T level and medicines are there that will boost testosterone, libido and energy in a greater extent. Testosterone is otherwise known by the term of “manhood” that is actually produced by the testicles – the male organ. It plays the vital role in reproductive system, fertility, male sexuality, and muscle mass & hair growth. Apparently, it also play role in maintaining bone density, red blood cells count and sense of healthy well being. More over around the age of thirty and above, the male being starts declining the production of testosterone level so as the ages.

Pituitary gland plays a vital part and it is called as chief of all the glands in human body. It locates near the base of the human brain and secretes hormones on its own that manages almost all the parts and functions of the human. If your body is not making enough testosterone, then there could be tumors present in these glands causing lesser amount of testosterone production.

By Means of Natural Ways

Healthy diet added with nutritional supplement help to raise T level in the male body. There are several T level boosting supplements in which going forward with natural and organic ways would long last ever by leaving no side effects.


Right from ancient kitchen, spices have a very own special place in the home remedies too. Fenugreek not just excites the human taste buds but have vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, essential oils, anti-oxidants, anti-microbial properties. It is a medicinal plant in which its seeds, and leaves act as best medicines for regulating digestion, lowering down the risk of constipation, balancing the insulin level (hence helps increasing muscle mass after heavy training of weight lifting), regulating bodily fluids, and regulating imbalanced vitamins & minerals deficiency.

On the other hidden side of fenugreek, it gives the product called Testofen (an extract from fenugreek seeds) contains the chemical compounds called as Fenuside which is actually a Glucoside. Glucoside is a main component for stimulating male sex organs and its hormones / androgens. This stimulation will boost testosterone, libido and energy level naturally.

Advised Dosage of Fenugreeks

The dosage levels of fenugreek may vary that based upon the supplementation. Men those who desire to boost the T level must take 500 to 600 mg of standard formula to gain Testofen which has 50% of Fenuside by weight.

Bottom line

Fenugreek seeds are actually very handy and can be consumed in form of seeds, brewed with tea, made into flour & can be added with buttermilk, baked with bread or even pressed with oil while preparing meal. It is one of the best and natural ways to increase T level effectively.

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