FEIYUE FY-03 – The High Speed RC Car For Your Adventurous Kid

RC Car

RC Car

The RC Car model FY-03 Eagle -3 from the brand Feiyue is the next great thing that is taking off the minds. The desert Off Road Truck is now available online and is featured with the best specifications to provide your kids with the best racing and adventure games.

Description Of The Car:

The truck FEIYUE FY-03 comes in two color variants of red and green. The car measures a size of 38x22x17 cm and weight about 2.5 kgs. The wheel gauge is measured at 24.7 cm with a base of 19.3 am, a width of 3 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm. The distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel is measured at 15cm.

The car is assisted with a motor of 390 high speed and has 40A ESC. It is a battery operated RC Car with a Li-ion battery of 1500mAh. The remote control of the car needs 4 AA sized batteries of 1.5 V each. The car can move at a speed of 35km/hour with a distance of 80 meters from the remote control. It takes 2.5 hours for the battery of the car to get charged completely.

Features Of The Product

The car FEIYUE FY-03 Eagle-3 comes along with a number of features that make it quite special for your adventurous kid. Some of these features of the toy are:

Spare Parts For Your Use

The RC car operates at a speed of about 35 km/hour, but there is a possibility of operating it at a speed of about 70 km/hour. For doing so, you may have to buy some of these spare parts.

These spare parts are also available from the same brand of FEIYUE FY-03 online so that you can enjoy a high-speed adventure.

What Is In The Package?

When you buy the car and you unpack it, you will get a car body shell, a car model, a transmitter and a charger. Along with all these parts, there is also user manual in the packet that can help you in starting with the car. The manual will also help in various other cases such as battery set up and others so that you can have a smooth gaming time. You can also order a program card along with the item so that you can have a better experience.

The car from FEIYUE is a great option for kids who are more into remote control car experience and love adventure. Available online, now the item can be easily bought at a good price.

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