As the Christmas season ends and a new year begins to build in momentum, it’s a good time to take stock and think about ways you can both be better in 2020 and feel better too. Some opt for new year’s resolutions, others choose diets or simply decide to make less quantifiable changes to their lives. However you choose to approach the desire for a better you in the new year, we’re here to help with some ideas!

Exploring the world of CBD Products

One of the biggest new trends in complimentary health and wellness, this is well worth looking into. Spreading across the shelves of chemists, health food shops, and online retailers like Dayzed, CBD products are taking the world by storm and they may well have something to offer you in your quest for a better 2020.

Some people use them for their painkilling effects: studies are in their infancy but are appear to show that CBD (cannabidiol – a non-addictive, non-intoxicating derivative of Cannabis that works on your Endo-Cannabinoid system) has some effectiveness as both an anti-inflammatory and neuropathic painkiller. This has helped some people move off their previous medication regime, with all the benefits that come from moving away from opioid painkillers.


Around the New Year, lots of people start to look at building an exercise routine for the first time, and the benefits to your health and general sense of wellness can be huge. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming – if you’ve never been to a gym before and are worried about your level of fitness it can be hard to take that first step. It’s also easy to tilt in the other direction and over-commit: sign up for expensive memberships, buy lots of top of the range equipment and then find you’ve wasted a lot of money as you burn out on that initial thrill.

The key to success is starting small, and building a sustainable routine that works for you, and doesn’t leave you resenting it for taking over your life. If you’re anxious about starting, try with something you can do in relative privacy: running or swimming, or some yoga at home (online tutorials are available!). Concentrate on building your stamina, perhaps by using a couch to 5k app to guide you, so after a while you’ll have the endurance to train alongside other people or in classes without shame.

If you’re worried about fitting in at the gym, try going with a more experienced friend: they may be able to bring you as a guest so you can sample the facilities before you commit, and they will be able to show you around and introduce you to the culture as well as the  equipment.