By day I work as an SEO backlink builder. I mainly obtain links for my clients via guest posts that are both relevant to my client’s niche and add to the ongoing industry conversation. Many of the clients I have worked with come having been burned by other SEO companies. It’s not uncommon for these comanies to increase their hours after just one month of seeing the work I produce and hearing about the values we stand for.

Fedora: A Memoir

By night I write, mostly fiction. In the long view of history, the Stephen Kings of the world — writers who write all day for a living — are relatively rare. Take Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes) for example. Doyle served as a doctor for many years, some of it on a voyage to the West African coast, while writing on the side. Additionaly, he was involved in politics (although he never ran for office, to my knowledge).

Historicaly, truly talented authors didn’t shut themselves off from the world, but instead embraced it. I paln to reanact this in my life.

I also write for a number of blogs on the side, and am happy to offer suggestions and advice about yours. Although initial conversations are free, anything involving extensive time will not be.

You can find my published work on such places as TechRepublic, BizTech Magazine, TheNicheReport, and various other business & technology sites, although you may not know it’s me you’re reading. Look for my personal fiction blog in early 2013.