Just as you will never get a satisfactory building if you don’t get the required expertise to assemble the quality materials that you have, you cannot be certain of getting fresh yummy juice if you don’t use the right juicing machine. Ensure that the juicer you opt for is powerful both in function and design to assist in getting the finest results. The best twin gear juicer will surely have the stated features and it can be relied on to give you a satisfactory yield from produce.

Features That Must Be Considered When Purchasing A Fine Juicer

Several Distinguishing Characteristics of a Double Auger Juicer

The double auger juicers are held to a higher standard due to certain unique features that they possess. We will look closer at some of these characteristics and how they could be beneficial to users.

  • User-friendliness: This is the model of a juice extractor that deserves to be called simple and friendly to use. It is designed with users in mind which is why it is operated as any juicer you must have tried, and if you are new to juicing, it takes just a few minutes to find your way around this device. Just clean and cut the fruits and vegetables into medium sized bits and enter them into the juicer’s mouth. Continue feeding the produce into the juicer as it turns slowly to finish the job.
  • Multipurposeness: When it comes to a juicer that is equipped with the flexibility and functionality to extract juice both from vegetables and fruits at the same time, you can count on the double auger juicers. Even if you want juice from green leafy vegetables and other tough fruits, you can trust this model of juicer.
  • Its design: The design of a dual gear juicer assists in making quality juice from whatever produce a user feeds into it. A double auger juicer operates with two gears that rotate inward slowly and extract most of the nutrients from produce while giving out very dry pulp.
  • Juicing speed: A juicer that finishes the job in seconds is often not the best. For the process to yield quality juice, the juicer should take its time to accurately do the job. But, of course, it shouldn’t be hours. The slow speed at which the twin auger juicers work enables them to preserve all the naturally occurring nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in the end product in an appropriate concentration.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: Well, this applies not only to the twin auger juicing devices; we have to clean all our appliances after using them. This is essential for hygiene purposes and it helps preserve the shelf life of a juicer. The twin auger juicers usually don’t require dissembling before they can be cleaned because you rarely get produce stuck or clogged in its parts. However, you should ensure that the juicing device that you are planning to purchase is easy to clean and comes with a reasonable warranty period. Moreover, if you are one of those that can have several rounds of juicing in a day, you should place the juicing device in the fridge after every round to keep it fresh and only clean it when you are done with the last round.


Keep these features and characteristics in mind when selecting a juicer for your household. You should use them all to your advantage when choosing an ideal juicing device that will meet the requirements of your family.